WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Review: September 3, 2018

Ziggler and McIntyre become the new tag champions

This was the most bittersweet segment of the night. After weeks of being treated unjustly, it seemed that The Revival were finally on the path towards Tag Championship greatness. Tonight it all got derailed as they were taken apart by Ziggler and McIntyre who then replaced them in the tag match against the current champions – B-Team.

The B-Team had run its course and they had a good run so no complaints there. This is all being set up to aid the feud Ziggler and McIntyre have against the Shield. This means that for now the Revival will have to take a back seat while the B-Team will be relegated to a comic act that will make occasional appearances.

It is a very sensitive situation and WWE needs to handle all of this carefully. So far, it has been exciting and it is good to see McIntyre hold a belt in WWE again.

Rating: Thumbs Up

Authors of Pain get a new manager

Speaking of a blossoming tag division, things got a lot more interesting with Drake Maverick becoming the manager for The AOP. They squashed a couple of jobbers and made themselves look like the dominant force they were always meant to be.

Maverick while doing great things at 205 Live has been stuck in a bubble and this exposure will be nice. Assisting the AOP will help a lot in making this team a lot more relevant. In just two segments it feels like WWE have fixed all the issues with the tag division on RAW.

One cannot fail to notice the similarity between the ring gear of these guys and the Shield and that would be an awesome match-up to see.

Rating: Thumbs Up

Bellas hinting at a turn?

Is it just us or does everyone find the Bellas cringe worthy? This little backstage segment saw the Bellas offering Rousey their guidance which Rousey refused politely. This could set up the potential turn of the Bellas either during Hell In A Cell or the RAW after that.

Story wise, this is a nice direction to take but it would have been so much better if Rousey feuded with someone like Natalya. For now it has us intrigued and let us wait and see if WWE are able to make something good out of this.

Rating: Thumbs Up