WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Review: September 3, 2018

Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker roll back the years

This segment showed how good wrestling was in the past. Shawn Michaels walked out to a thunderous ovation and he was his usual quirky self on the mic. It was just so good to see him back despite the sad fact that he is retired now. Then the most awesome moment of the night took place as the Undertaker’s gong hit and the Phenom made his way to the ring and the crowd kept the cheers going.

It was one of those rare segment were no one cared what was going on. Everyone was just happy to be there. The two teased a rematch that sent the crowd into a frenzy after which the Undertaker fired his warning shots of doom towards Triple H.

Triple H did not come out to give his answer and this is WWE trying to milk this as much as possible without having the need to get the two men physical and we are totally fine with that. Simply an awesome segment!

Rating: Thumbs Up

Dana Brooke finally snaps

This had been coming for a long time. Brooke lost a match along with Ember Moon while facing the Boss and Hug connection. The problem was that this did not come across as very impactful. For starters, the Boss and Hug connection is one of the blandest teams ever.

Ember Moon has lost all her momentum through no fault of her own and above all it is impossible to figure out the point of all of this. Maybe WWE will surprise us but for now it just came across as pointless.

Rating: Thumbs Down

Kevin Owens makes a return too soon

Kevin Owens making a show of quitting last week was an awesome storytelling technique. WWE drove that home by putting Owens in their alumni section of their website. It all seemed like a work of genius until WWE threw it all down the drain this week.

The Lashley segment with him meditating alongside Jinder Mahal was fun to watch but Owens coming out of nowhere to attack Lashley seemed to fall flat. These two can have a great feud but the timing is all off and WWE once again prove that they are the masters of screwing up potentially great storylines.

Rating: Thumbs Down