WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Review: September 3, 2018

Strowman destroys Balor

Balor being informed by Corbin that the two cannot face each other tonight and instead he will face Strowman was a nice start. This all screamed like a set up from the very beginning. While we enjoy Strowman beating up people, it didn’t feel all that good when he did that to Finn Balor and that was the genius thing here as WWE want to turn Strowman into a bonafide heel and this segment did that perfectly. Strowman was actually being booed towards the end.

Rating: Thumbs Up

The Shield gets destroyed

This led to the second most anticipated event of the night. Ziggler and McIntyre had joined Strowman in assaulting Balor and they began imitating the moves of The Shield. Sirens were heard and eventually the Shield returned. They were cheered through the roof.

The heels, however, turned the tables around quite quickly and literally destroyed the Shield. Some might feel that this makes the Shield look weak but in our opinion it was the perfect way to go about it.

Tonight was all about establishing Strowman, Ziggler and McIntyre as a heel faction and it was executed brilliantly. This has sent the anticipation of how The Shield will retaliate through the roof. One of the best closing segments of RAW in a long time.

Rating: Thumbs Up

Overall Review: When there is a lot promised before a RAW, it usually ends up being a dud with more style than substance. Tonight wasn’t that, however, as this was one of the best 3 hours of RAW in a long time. Most of the storylines are running exceptionally hot right now. Barring the return of Owens and the whole Titus Worldwide absurdity, this was a near perfect edition of RAW.

Overall Rating: Thumbs Up