WWE Monday Night Raw Review & Results: February 19th 2018

A Little Taste of Sunday.

WWE RAW kicked off with a gauntlet match between the seven men who will be in the Elimination Chamber this Sunday, and essentially, that was SIX WRESTLING MATCHES TO START THE NIGHT! HOW AMAZING! The very fact that this match was put at the beginning of the show was already a huge plus. Of course, there was the Roman Reigns interview before the gauntlet, but we consider it to be part of the match. Plus, it was not the typical long-winding promo we see most weeks. The gauntlet took up two-thirds of the show already, so expect tonight’s review to be a short one, guys. Anyways, here are our thoughts on each part of the gauntlet match:

Rollins def. Reigns: A big victory for Rollins, and an uncommon clean loss for Roman Reigns. But here, the Big Dog was not sacrificed without reason. Rollins going over was the right choice here. He needed to re-establish himself as a main-event player, and what better way to do so than to have Rollins defeat the most heavily-pushed superstar in the past half a decade? Even better, Rollins’ victory came only 6 days before Elimination Chamber, so this win legitimized his chances of winning the ordeal.

Rollins def. Cena: Yet another surprising win for Rollins. Cena used a lot of rest-holds and locks in this match, so it seemed like Cena was the pseudo-heel in the encounter. It was much more epic than we thought, as more spectacular moves were busted out towards the end. But then again, someone kicked out of finishers again. This atrocity really has no end in sight… But hey, looking at the positive side, Rollins had beaten TWO of Vinnie Mac’s golden boys in one night!

Elias def. Rollins: Elias earned some credibility by beating a big name, and Rollins was still well-justified for the loss. Commentary did a great job protecting Rollins too by mentioning that he had been fighting for over an hour against some of the greatest in WWE. Smart choices.

Balor def. Elias: Not too surprising. Strong showing for Balor. Was not anything spectacular, and the outcome reflected Balor and Elias’ relative position on the pecking order.

Miz def. Balor: Classic heel Miz, with lots of interferences from Miztourage. Cheap win we all loved to see Miz get. And the theatricals from Miz when he realized he had to face the Monster Among Men after he beat Balor cracked us up.

Strowman def. Miz, winning the gauntlet match: Strowman was very lucky to have picked the final spot. Well, as if someone who flips parts of the arena on a weekly basis would need it. Predictable win for Strowman. Always enjoy seeing him crush Miz and Miztourage. And everyone in general. Strowman is a goddamn star in the making.

General comments: A decently-built match overall, with smart booking decisions to get certain people over and give heels the wins they needed to give their arrogance some weight. In the end, the man fans all wanted to see was the last man standing, and this further added to the enjoyment of those who watched the ordeal.