WWE Monday Night Raw Review & Results: February 26th, 2018


Alexa Bliss is a master manipulator, ladies and gentlemen. She turned Mickie James heel, got Nia Jax back on her side (even though Alexa’s “friendships” with them had ended in not-so-pretty ways), and even got the fans cheering for her because she portrayed herself as the face in peril against Sasha Banks, whose name upon being mentioned actually drew boos! In just one segment, Alexa Bliss had twisted more fates than Jeff Hardy has in 2018.

Now, the classic (“classic”) 6-woman feud has been given very interesting twists, as even though the sides are apparently Nia/Bliss/James vs Banks/Bayley/Asuka, we need to pay attention to the unpredictability in the relationships within each sides as well, in addition to the individual feuds being melded here. The segment opened up many doors and panned out the individual feuds so that we will not get tired of Matt Hardy vs Bray Wyatt. Overall, an enjoyable start to Monday Night RAW.


Spoke Too Soon

Aaaaaaand the six-woman tag match immediately followed the opening scene. For once, we will not complain about this booking, since we are only six weeks away from WrestleMania, and there needs to be sufficient time to build up Bliss vs Asuka and Banks vs Bayley. The latter’s story was added another chapter right in this match, as Bayley jumped out of the way when Sasha was about to tag her. After that move from the Hugger, the crowd went NUTS. Way to go, Bayley. Now you know how to exact revenge.


Back against the Wall

Damn it, John. How dare you blue-balled all of us by teasing a WrestleMania challenge against The Undertaker? Justify it by saying “it was to make you understand the pain of failure” all you want, but that was inexcusable. For a moment, the Anaheim crowd (and probably all the folks at home as well) was riled up into a frenzy, as Cena seemingly laid down the foundations for a WrestleMania dream match. Then, as mentioned, he said that it had exemplified how the pain of failure felt like, and continued his dialogue about having his backs against the wall. Then he simply said he would just move to Smackdown and tried to do whatever it took to earn him a spot on the ‘Mania card.

To be honest, blue-balling aside, Cena’s promo was another step in the right direction for the guy heading towards April’s super-show. This story of Cena not being able to secure a match on the Grandest Stage of Them All has only gotten better, as John became more desperate with every passing week. A move to Smackdown would be beneficial for the blue brand as well – the house that AJ Styles built needs some serious upgrade, and Cena would prove to be the Jacuzzi Smackdown needs.


Far From Over

We audibly groaned when Bray Wyatt, after a pre-match assault on Rhyno and Slater, warned Matt Hardy that their rivalry was far from OV… nah, we do not even feel like using BROKEN diction anymore. Matt Hardy vs Bray Wyatt is far from over, and unless something drastic happens next week, we will be witnesses to yet another poorly-built Wyatt match at WrestleMania.

#IdeaSpamming: Maybe have Bray shoot flames out of his armpits, and have Matt Hardy manipulate shadowy figures to divert the fire. And each side recruits more to their respective armies. Suggestions: Sister Abigail, Braun Strowman, The Boogeyman, Kane, Finn Balor (Bray); Vanguard 1, Jeff Hardy, Maxell Hardy, Senor Benjamin, Dilapidated Boat, and a mutated penguin (Matt).