WWE Monday Night RAW Review & Results: February 5th, 2018

A Classic Revisited

The show-opener today was Roman Reigns clashing with Bray Wyatt for a spot in the Elimination Chamber. WWE RAW started with a match-included segment, not a long-winding promo battle that usually leads to nowhere, and that is always a plus. A mediocre feud back in the days, yet it produced more-than-satisfactory matches, and the showing tonight reminded us of the 2015 rivalry.

The two powerhouses bust out brutal-looking offences and counters, Bray Wyatt even got a Sister Abigail (damn, the finisher kick-out pandemic resurfaced), but in the end, as we had expected, Reigns speared his way to the Chamber. The Matt Hardy assault was a logical next-step to build the Broken – Wyatt story, but just like last week, it was not too inspiring. Somewhat predictable. Nonetheless, the whole segment was an OK way to kick off Monday Night.

A Warning

Rollins did the right thing here. He acted as the bigger man, forgiving Jason Jordan for the monstrosity he had done, but also did his tutelage role well – he gave a stern warning to Jason Jordan, reminding him that it was not about Jason, it was about the duo. They seemed to be gluing by the end of the segment, giving us hope on their reclaiming the WWE RAW Tag Team Championship in Seth Rollins’ hometown.

But to be honest, Jason Jordan and Seth Rollins is an off pairing, so we will be fine with The Bar retaining…

What Now?

The Revival came out after Balor Club’s entrance, talked some trash, and then…got beat up handily by Balor and Anderson? That was horrible booking for The Revival. Sure, rubbing with a upper-midcarder like Finn Balor might give The Revival some exposure, but the trade-off in the form of a total and complete defeat was too much. Two alleged “masters” of tag team wrestling, yet losing to a barely-tagged-before duo? Where do The Revivals go from now? Just as we thought the writers had made some progress with Wilder and Dawson, they knocked them right back to square 1, and that is what makes WWE programming so frustrating to watch a lot of the time.

2-on-2 | 205 | 2 Lame

Nothing to see here. It was just a run-of-the-mill tag team match between 2 faces and 2 heels of the Cruiserweight division. Looks like they went right back to where they were before Enzo Amore joined 205 Live, and arguably worse. Rockstar Spud appeared but no one cared, and neither did we. Let us move on.