WWE Monday Night RAW Review & Results: January 15th 2018

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Monster Out!

This was honestly the best opening segment we have seen in a long while (from either brand). First reason: RAW opened with someone other than people from management (not even Kurt – sorry Olympic champion, we have had enough of that trombone at the very start of the show). Second reason: That someone was none other than the fan favorite force of destruction, BRAUNNNNNNNNN Strowman. Third reason (and the main one as well): BRAUN STROWMAN GOT FIRED.

There could have been no better way to stir things up in RAW than to announce that one of the contenders to challenge for its biggest champion at Royal Rumble would not be in the company at all by the time the first of the Big Four rolls by. Better still was the manner in which the decision was announced – Kurt Angle did not go out alone, but with half a dozen of bodyguards. This further legitimized Braun Strowman’s scary aura – even the General Manager of RAW was not guaranteed safety from the wraths of the Monster Among Men.

And then the camera spent the next five minutes or so following Braun around as he vented his frustration out on the people meant to escort him out of the building. Poor those security people. Imagine them going to work one day, expecting all the normal stuff like body screening, crowd control, etc. and then getting told by the General Manager that they would be responsible for getting the biggest, strongest, and most menacing guy in the entire company out the doors. Pity.

A Chance to Save Faces

The Bar had an opportunity for redemption of their almost humiliating loss last week in a rematch against Titus Worldwide, and they failed. Again.

But this time, it was through no fault of their own. Jason Jordan was the one causing the distraction leading to Apollo Crews pinning Sheamus with a schoolboy. Jason Jordan has been stellar in character work, as his smug, over-confident personality became more and more apparent. Together with the obvious annoyance on the face of Seth Rollins as he belatedly ran out from backstage to confront Jason Jordan, the RAW Tag Team Champions have a lot of bonding to do if they want to have a chance at retaining their titles at Royal Rumble. Keep in mind that their opponents had lost twice in two consecutive weeks against the same, widely considered inferior team, and one of those losses came (almost) directly from a distraction pulled off by one half of the champions. Real mature, Jordan. Now you gave The Bar extra motivation. But we do not mind. More complexity means better storyline, and that means the match at Royal Rumble will be that much more anticipated.

In other news, Dana Brooke still had her secretary outfit.

Monster Carnage

Braun Strowman continued his path of destruction as he wrecked his former boss’ office and the catering table (and everyone there). Pro tip: If you do not want to get crushed by Braun Strowman, have a delicious chocolate cake on hand at all times. He will leave you alone. A little wet in the pants, but alone, and safe.

Just Braun being Braun. Nothing to see here. Let’s move on before we get running bodyslammed through a table.

Alright, let’s get down to reviewing the next match between Cedric Alexander and Tony Nese…wait what, there was even more carnage from Braun Strowman? Oh man, this show had an AMAZING start.

Overcoming Abs

Not much to get out of the Cruiserweight segment here. Cedric Alexander overcame an obstacle on his way to the championship match at Royal Rumble in the name of Tony Nese. Amore with his usual trash-talking promo, telling people he would come out of the January cross-brand PPV still the Cruiserweight Champion. Goldust cut a decent promo, promoting Cedric Alexander as a threat to Enzo’s championship. The show had slowed down a bit. We are not saying it was a bad segment, it was just that nothing could really top Braun Strowman destroying stuff.

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