WWE Monday Night RAW Review & Results: January 15th 2018

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Stupid Door

We enjoyed how WWE had built this up with the previous segments instead of jumping straight to this one. Throughout the night, we could see Braun Strowman getting more and more frustrated and angry as he wreaked havoc to bigger things when he could not find Kurt Angle. First it was Kurt’s office, then the catering area, then the massive dumpsters, and now he “invaded” an entire production truck. He even flipped its tractor over! (Detached from the back, fortunately) And again, Braun’s innate sense of humor was seen while he was going through the rooms in the production truck. He banged his shoulders against the sides since he was too big, letting out a grumping “Stupid!” Great character building.

Monster Back In

But the segment was not over yet. Braun Strowman picked Michael Cole up and was about to throw him off the stage when Kurt Angle ran out, filled with panic, and rehired Braun. This…this was magic storytelling. This was the climax of this “Braun getting fired” arc for the night. The Monster Among Men was so intimidating that even the General Manager (and the Commissioner as well) had to flinch. But Braun still threw Michael Cole onto half a dozen bodyguards, you know, just for throwing’s sake.

Excellent segment, making Braun Strowman looking even stronger than before.

Why Now?

We had problems with Nia Jax vs Asuka before this even started. This was, at the very least, a PPV-worthy match. Admittedly, the match had some backstory, and one week of pre-advertising, but if we were to decide, it would be at the Royal Rumble. The storyline could even have panned out more, leading to a WrestleMania showdown.

But the match itself had some interesting twists. Nia Jax got so badly injured in her left ankle that she could not compete, giving the victory to Asuka. The outcome was actually a nice way to resolve the situation. Asuka’s streak was protected, and Nia Jax was rendered limping. This could have some possible implications regarding her spot in the Royal Rumble.

After the match ended, Alexa Bliss ran out right after the medics to check on Nia. Ah, what a beautiful act of friendship. Or was it more of “Oh my God Nia, will you still be able to take out Asuka for me at the Royal Rumble?”

Pushed Towards the Bullet

Long story short, Jason Jordan managed to get Kurt Angle to set up Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor tonight. Jason Jordan continued to make us hate him, and for once, this was a good thing. Imagine how annoyed Seth would be when he found out Jason Jordan denied his much-needed night-off to fight against one of the most formidable guys on the roster (which he actually was later on). Favoritism might be a topic of dispute between Seth and Kurt after this segment, since remember, Kurt was all over his head with Braun Strowman, and it was unlikely he would have accepted such a match-up suggestion had it been someone who was not his long-lost son.

C*ck-Blocking No More

Alexa Bliss was checking up on Nia Jax when Enzo Amore rolled by. Nia then basically told Alexa to leave and give her and Enzo some privacy. The Ninzo train kept steaming ahead, but we felt so bad for Bliss. More cracks on an already fractured “friendship”.


Say Yeah, But Not Hell Yeah!

YEAH! The Revival! They beat a jobber team in a quick, neat match tonight. The post-match interview re-established The Revival’s heel persona. Honestly, there were not many better ways of making the audience dislike you than saying you did not care about the New Age Outlaws, Shawn Michaels, or even STONE COLD FREAKING AUSTIN when they return on next week’s special edition of RAW.  We still hope The Revival will be inserted in a storyline soon; their talent and attitude will be much-needed material to build a strong tag team division.

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