WWE Monday Night RAW Review & Results: January 8th 2018

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Formation of Pseudo-Shield?

We like this segment. This did a lot of things.

First, the champion’s explanation for his victory the previous week made sense. Reigns never beat Joe before; there must be some added motivation for him to pull off the unprecedented feat. And (within the WWE world at least), there was hardly any greater motivation for Reigns that to avenge for his Shield buddy Dean Ambrose, who got injured by none other than Samoa Joe. And in the same vein, that explanation did not make Samoa Joe look bad in defeat. He was his usual badass self, just not fully anticipating how much better a person like Reigns can be when he was that motivated.

Second, the segment further dug down on the storyline around Jason Jordan and his interaction with The Shield. Jason Jordan has been portrayed as this overly-eager up-and-comer, who is on the verge of being arrogant, whereas The Shield (and pretty much everyone else that has interacted with Jordan, even his father, we mean, “father”) has been painted as these calm, mature ring veterans who get annoyed by Jordan’s zeal to be recognized. We like this story a lot, and we firmly believe this is going to get even better in the following weeks. Hell, there might be further storyline progress during the main event later on!

And damn on damn… Balor Club is FINALLY in motion. Two years late, no big deal. But at least the trio did collect a few titles over those couple of years to have some legitimate claim for supremacy.


Needs More Seasoning

Hey, no scuffles or interferences from Paige or Mickie James! Weird, right? There really is not too much to say about this match. The quality of the match was so-so; Rose and Deville were pitched against a duo that had experience teaming up with each other to mature their in-ring game. It was part of the typical three-on-three rivalry, and this was just a tag match that shuffles two out of three members of each team. Not bad, but nothing particularly outstanding, and we have seen this road trodden way too often. We realize that WWE are trying to create a back-and-forth situation between the babyface trio and Absolution, but we are concerned that Absolution will fall into the overloaded category of “teams that are dominant at first but fizzles out and becomes jobbers” (looking at you, Nexus). Please don’t do it. Just, no. We want Paige.


The Golden Mentor. And “Golden Fox”?

We like how Goldust has been used the past couple of weeks. A wrestler like him would fit perfectly in the role of the supportive player for the fledgling guy, and that was exactly what he did. Typical, a bit mundane, but we could not think of many better ways to carry out the segment. Maybe bring back the 24K Studio and invite Bruno Mars. Oh and the Mixed Match Challenge, yay.


The Laugh-off

Run-of-the-mill squash match, and tonight Curt Hawkins was the punching bag for the debuting WOKEN Matt Hardy. At least the wrestlers involved in the feud were actually in the building. There must be some form of feud advancement different from taking turns talking on the titantron. WOKEN Matt was more aggressive than his usual, un-woken self, and he wants to become CHAMPION of the MULTIVERSE ahahaha…

On a side note, Curt Hawkins suffered his first (televised at least) loss of 2018. Not bad, considering he had the same record as Samoa Joe.

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