WWE Monday Night Raw Review & Results, March 12th 2018

Temporarily Suspended

Haha, we have been watching enough shows to know that even when it was from the boss himself, “temporarily suspended” did not really matter. But that was what happened to Roman Reigns when he decided to go backstage to find what he considered to be the root of the problem of the Universal Champion not showing up to work.

Meaningless of terms aside, it was a very interesting segment to begin the show. No one talked too much, the “in-ring promo” formula was experimented, Roman vs Brock was progressed, and some announcements for tonight and next week were made. All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed it.


High and Dry

Bayley accompanied Banks to the ring for the latter’s match with Sonya Deville, and the former played a part in The Boss’ victory. All was well in the world? Not so much. Bayley walked away, leaving Banks high and dry, since, well, Absolution was still lurking around.It was worth noting that Bayley did not come to Sasha’s rescue during the 3-on-1 assault, even though she literally just walked backstage. Bayley still has not offered an explanation on her actions, and her complex inner thoughts may well be the most interesting factor in the renewed Bayley – Banks feud.


Hot Heads

The Miz was, well, amazing in this segment. Almost everything he did tonight was… wait for it… AWESOME. For the entirety of Miz TV, he tried to pit Seth Rollins and Finn Balor against one another, and seemed to have failed. However, he might have sown just enough seeds, because a few words of banter later, and Finn was kicking his actor’s seat to the corner of the ring. The Miz, and probably only The Miz, could have made the segment convincing. Also, there were some strong developments in the Balor – Rollins arc of the ‘Mania triple threat, and you know it, any complexity in individual relationships in multi-side feuds is a likey likey for us.