WWE Monday Night Raw Review & Results, March 12th 2018

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Open for Business

The tag team division on RAW seemed to like beer a lot, because the very first night The Bar showed up with new merch that says: “The Bar – Open for Business” (which looked really nice, by the way), everyone from Slater and Rhyno to Dash Wilder and Luke Gallows showed up to get a piece of Cesaro and Sheamus. So much for a global call for tag team opponents.

Another multi-team tag team championship match? No, not the Wrestle Kingdom style booking. The putting of multiple teams (who had been defeated at the hands of the champions) together for a multi-man match exposes the lack of depth of the current tag division. The Bar has taken on pretty much all tag teams, so unless the beat-up tonight leads to a surprise revelation of challenger (oops, spoiler alert), it will just be seen as WWE suffering from the consequences of their own fast-burning through the potential feuds in the past year, even with the Shake-up.


Good Guy Cena

He was not blue-balling us this time, and kudos to him for that. After a great segment of Cena just playing around, drinking beer from some random fan, and happily addressing the fact that he would not have a match at WrestleMania, he switched to serious mode and actually challenging The Undertaker. For real. Cena did a good job convincing the audience that Cena vs ‘Taker was possible, as he pointed out he did not have his microphone cut by the people at the back (And remember, Mr. McMahon was here tonight, so that was good attention to detail). Oooh, throwing some shades at CM Punk, too. Spicy.

Cena’s Road to WrestleMania is getting’ hot, yo.


“Not a Chance”.

On Miz TV, Rollins had that to say about Balor’s odds of beating him. Aaaaand Balor won their singles match later on with a small package. Rollins looked p*ssed. Should not have made such bold claims, man. Not smart.


A Strong Step Forward

The women’s segment tonight was good. It promoted Asuka vs Charlotte, Asuka put over Charlotte as “The Woman” to beat, Alexa Bliss furthered her “Phew, lucky Asuka did not pick me at WrestleMania, but I will act as if it were because I was too good for Asuka” agenda, and Mickie James got involved in all of this in a meaningful way. What was more, in the James vs Asuka match that followed, The Empress of Tomorrow seemed to have hurt her leg, which, conveniently, is Charlotte’s favorite target, so we shall see if the badly-landed kick will be built on to be great enough a factor in the outcome of the match. If so, it would not have been a strong step forward at all for Asuka. **Ba-dum-tss**

We think we just set the world record for the longest build-up to a pun.


Side-note: Ultimate Deletion is official now. This was really not much for us to talk about, but we figured it should be here for the sake of storyline progression.


A Whole New Level of Monster

What the actual f*** just happened? Braun Strowman entered the tag team (repeat, TAG TEAM) battle royal for the #1 Contenders position for The Bar’s Tag Team Championship, and…he won the whole thing with relative ease. So… does this mean we will get Strowman vs The Bar at WrestleMania for the tag team titles? If this is the case, it will be beneficial in more than one way. Braun Strowman had, until the main event of RAW tonight, been without an opponent for WrestleMania. And, as discussed earlier, the tag team division on the red brand really needs a fresh breeze. Strowman vs The Bar is a perfect solution to both issues, and all of that would inherently imply that Strowman is as powerful as two mortal men! Furthermore, the factors of surprise and entertainment were obvious, so it is safe to say we just saw one of the best RAW-ending segments in 2018.

Damn, we were giggling as we were writing the last paragraph.


Overall Review:

A strong show from beginning to end, with creative twists, a surprise appearance, progress in storylines, a bold challenge, and a fun main event.  You really cannot ask for more in a Road to WrestleMania RAW. Or can you… GONG.

Join us for the discussion of next week’s RAW, as Brock Lesnar is promised by Vince McMahon himself to appear, and The Undertaker might resurface to answer Cena’s challenge.

Until then, stay safe!

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