WWE Monday Night RAW Review & Results: March 5th 2018

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No, Not Again.

Aw. This would have been another match that we are really interested to see at WrestleMania. Now that this match had been played out at Monday Night RAW, WWE better offer something even more entertaining in April. It would be a tough mission, because tonight’s Symphony of Destruction had set the bar (still sour) so high. It was your predicted beatdown, express delivery from Strowman Post, but this time with musical instruments. Strowman looked like an absolute monster tonight, so if he does not face Elias at WrestleMania, he will still be well-positioned to face up against anyone. Really, anyone. Because who would want to mess with a guy that can effortlessly smash a bass over another dude’s back. Twice.


Finally, Some Fun AHAHAHAHA…

Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt will fight at the HARDY COMPOUND, in an ULTIMATE DELETION MATCH!!! Yes, yes, that element of chaos has finally been added. Well, they screenwriters did not follow any of the suggestions we made last week, but hey, what they came up with was good, still. The fans got really excited about it too, so let us see how crazier the guys (Guys? Humans? Deities?) can get next week.


Another One is Official.

We saw this coming, but tonight, Kurt’s announcement of Rollins vs Balor vs Miz for the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania still made us feel excited towards the showdown – they had a cracker of a match back in May 2017. And with the added interactions between all three sides, this showdown is definitely worth looking forward to.

On a side note, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel had a great showing, too, coordinating perfectly with The Miz. It just went to show what they can do on their night. Too bad they did not win any Mizzie Awards.


The Champ. Is. Not Hereeeeeeeeeee!

Tonight, Paul Heyman showed up with the WWE Universal Championship, but not the champ himself, so that was a little teaser for you. At 5 weeks away from WrestleMania, this might be a bit too slow a build-up – uncharacteristic of WWE, as seen earlier in the show on more than one occasion. But for what it was, we enjoyed this show-ending segment. Paul Heyman was, as usual, fire on the mic, while Reigns still kept the intensity he had last week and told Brock to come to Detroit next week dressed for a fight. There was not much else to discuss, really, so we will have to wait until next week then.


Overall Review:

Tonight’s show was not bad at all, if you remove the context. We had solid match-ups, decent-to-great promo segments, official WrestleMania match announcements, and best of all, there were no 6-woman tag matches! But place the show in its right place on the WWE calendar and you will realize the company might have given away 2 WrestleMania matches. Other than that, it was a perfectly fine offering from the red brand, and another strong step towards the April supershow.

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