WWE NXT Results: December 12, 2018

Image via WWE.com

EC3 Continues His Dominating Run

NXT opened with an awesome promo by Adam Cole putting over the entire Undisputed Era and talking trash about EC3. This led to an equally impressive match between EC3 and Bobby Fish.

The match was mostly about EC3 dominating Fish. The action was quick and somewhat technical too. It was also a great idea to keep the rest of the undisputed era away from the action as long as the match went on.

EC3 won in the end after a roll-up which was a surprise but that led to the Undisputed Era hitting the ring and beating up EC3. Heavy Machinery hit the ring and it was awesome to see the three faces simply pulverize the heels. An exciting and awesome way to begin this week’s NXT.

Winner: EC3

Rating: Thumbs Up

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A Scintillating Tag Match

One avenue where NXT has been proving itself is in the tag matches they put up and this week was no different. It was The Mighty that faced Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan.

The match featured an excellent dose of tag action and a rather generous sprinkling of interference from non-legal partners leading to plenty of close call and near falls. The slaps and many of the moves were vicious and that is what the main roster’s tag division has been missing – an edge.

The end came with Burch and Lorcan hitting a thunderous impact DDT for the win. This was tag action at its brutal best again proving that if entertaining wrestling is what you seek then NXT is the place to come.

Winners: Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan

Rating: Thumbs Up

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A Downer Of A Match Involving Mia Yim

We don’t know what it is with the women on NXT apart from the top few. Their matches just don’t have that urgency and panache to them and this was a great example of that.

The action seemed drawn out despite this being a short match. Yim won to be added to the fatal four-way to decide a competitor for the NXT women’s championship which seems like overkill.

This match lacked fluidity both from Mia Yim and her opponent Reina Gonzalez and this match turned out to be one of the rare blotches on the face of NXT. NXT is beginning to be afflicted by the same flaw as WWE’s main shows of putting a filler match before the main event which no one asked for.

Winner: Mia Yim

Rating: Thumbs Down

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An Awesome Surprise Opponent For Ricochet

This match was for the North American Championship and we like the NXT crowd were overjoyed to see Tyler Breeze make his entrance to face Ricochet.

Normally the transition should be from NXT to the main roster but we are happy with this. Breeze showed that he can actually wrestle if given the opportunity and that he has been utterly wasted on the main roster with inconsequential matches and unresolved storylines.

We even wished against all hope that he would actually win but it would have been wrong to dethrone Ricochet just yet.

The match was very good and no point did it feel like Breeze was trying to keep up with the immensely talented Ricochet which speaks volumes about the unseen talent of Breeze. What this means for the long term is unknown but this was a very good showing for both men.

Winner: Ricochet

Rating: Thumbs Up

Overall Review: Yet again NXT proved to be the shining light in an otherwise gloomy universe of WWE programs. The Mia Yim match apart, everyone was on point. Even the promos seemed to be delivered on a higher gear tonight.

Next week promises to be even more interesting. This week also did not feel too short which has been our only gripe for so long. It is starting to feel though that some stars like Aleister Black have started to outgrow this platform and need to be shunted to the main roster ASAP.

Overall Rating: Thumbs Up