WWE NXT Results: December 26, 2018

Image via WWE.com

Bianca Belair def. Lacey Evans, Io Shirai & Mia Yim in a Fatal 4-Way Match (#1 Contender’s Match For NXT Women’s Championship)

Evans hits the Women’s Right on Yim, cover, but Shirai saves the matchup. Shirai hits Evans with a bodyslam followed by a moonsault, cover. Belair breaks the pin and hits Shirai with the hair whip non-stop. Belair sends Shirai to the floor and plants Evans with a K.O.D. to finish things off.

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Jaxson Ryker def. Mitch Taverna 

A straight squash match. Ryker shoves Taverna to the corner and hammers away. Ryker with a series of punches, chops to Taverna, slams him to the mat and rubs his face into it. Clubbing forearm, reverse chinlock and a slingshot release powerbomb would allow Ryker to capture the victory.

Image via WWE.com

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Tomasso Ciampa’s Advice To Johnny Gargano

After teasing a #DIY reunion last week, NXT Champion Tomasso Ciampa cuts a backstage promo on Johnny Gargano. Blackheart recalled how he and Gargano can realize their longtime dream of “taking over the world” as dual champions at TakeOver: Phoenix if Johnny went for the NXT North American Championship. The self-proclaimed “Gatekeeper of NXT” envisioned Gargano as the new NXT North American Champion and also predicted his victory against Aleister Black at Phoenix.

“Two kids taking over the world, Johnny, the possibilities are endless.”

“Think about it”

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Undisputed ERA def. Heavy Machinery – NXT Tag Team Championship

Otis with a nearfall on Strong, climbs the top rope and teases a moonsault. A distraction by O’Reilly and an enziguri by Strong would stop Otis in his tracks. Strong aims for a superplex, O’Reilly gets under and ends up powerbombing both his partner and opponent in a Tower of Doom spot. Otis kicks out at two.

O’Reilly knocks Knight off the apron, a jumping knee/leaping forearm combo from the champ results in another nearfall. Strong dropkicks Knight again and delivers the high/low combo on Otis to score the victory.

Undisputed Era retains the NXT Tag Team Championships. Adam Cole and Bobby Fish come out to celebrate with their teammates.