WWE NXT Results: December 5, 2018

Image via WWE.com

Mattle Riddle Picks Up Another Win

NXT opened with a match between Matt Riddle and Punishment Martinez. As we have noted before, Matt Riddle has the tendency to wax cold occasionally and tonight was a prime example of that.

Some spots in the match were exciting but for the most part, the match did not have the level of fluidity you would expect from an NXT match. Matt Riddle won but it was getting somewhat one dimensional.

Thankfully WWE switched gears and had Ohno attack Riddle after the match. This feud should help the cause of both men. This wasn’t a great match but the overall story it told was good.

Winner: Matt Riddle

Rating: Thumbs Up

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The Forgotten Sons Take On Raul Mendoza And Humberto Carrillo

Image via WWE.com

This was a pretty good match even though it featured wrestlers most casual fans would not have even heard of. This is down to the restrictive time availability on NXT. Despite that, this match was pretty good and told a coherent story which is an awesome achievement considering well known wrestlers on the main roster aren’t able to pull it off. A very decent segment.

Winners: The Forgotten Sons

Rating: Thumbs Up

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A Couple Of Quick Backstage Segments Followed By Baszler Causing Chaos

This part of the show started with the Velveteen Dream giving one of his typical short somewhat disjointed promos. This was followed by the Undisputed Era gloating. Both these segments were quite fun.

The match that followed between Baszler and Dakota Kai was another example of the heels running amock. Surprisingly, they stayed quite civilized for most of the match and Baszler even won quite convincingly keeping her fearsome character intact.

The post match beatdown of Kai would bring out Io Shirai and this is setting up a tag match between all the women involved and it is something that we are looking forward to.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

Rating: Thumbs Up

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The NXT Title Scene Spices Up

Even though WarGames felt like a culmination of major storylines on NXT, it is just the start of more new and amazing things. This segment was so good that we could watch it again and again. It involved the three main men in the form of Aleister Black, Johnny Gargano and the champ Tommaso Ciampa.

Even though nothing was said explicitly, all three seem set to be feuding for the title now which only makes something that was good even better. A pretty good end to a very decent show.


Overall Review: This was a very refreshing show after the trainwrecks that were RAW and SmackDown. Our major issue with NXT still remains though. A slightly longer show would make things so much better. EC3 was missed. Still, we are nitpicking. Whatever we got was fun and that is monumental coming from the WWE.

Overall Rating: Thumbs Up