WWE NXT Results: November 21, 2018

wwe nxt results nov 21 2018
Image via WWE.com

The aftermath of NXT Takeover: War Games was the main subject of discussion on this week’s NXT as the show opened with coverage from this past weekend in Los Angeles.

Keith Lee Proves He Truly Is Limitless

Keith Lee was a huge acquisition for NXT a few months ago, but the former Ring of Honor star has been unable to have any kind of impact on the brand since his signing. This week on NXT, he took on Fidel Bravo in a match that obviously worked up the NXT crowd in The City of Angels this past weekend.

This was another squash match for The Supernova, but it was a stunning jackhammer finish that showed that Lee can make anyone look fantastic in the ring and that he should be much higher on the NXT card right now.

Winner: Keith Lee

Rating: Thumbs Up

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War Games Recap And BackStage Segments

Throughout the night, WWE looked back at a historic night at War Games and showed some exclusive backstage videos following the show. The first of these saw Shayna Baszler stating that she was walking out of War Games confident because there is no one who could stop her, as Marina Safir and Jessamyn Duke looked on.

Matt Riddle’s match against Kassius Ohno was also shown but this time it wasn’t a highlight’s package since the match was only a short one as Riddle knee’d Ohno in the face and pinned The Knockout Artist in seconds.

WWE camera’s then caught up with Riddle backstage to state that he made history with the quickest unscheduled match victory in NXT Takeover history where he stated that his victory was huge and being able to do it in Los Angeles was just the cherry on top.

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Lars Sullivan vs Keita Murray

Lars Sullivan has been called up to the main roster, but his departing present for the NXT Universe was his match against Keita Murray on Wednesday night. Once again this was another quick match that saw Lars Sullivan come out on top after The Freak Accident.

Sullivan then got on the mic and requested an NXT Championship match, before he then picked up his fallen opponent and sent a message to the locker room when he hit him with a number of cross faces but Keith Lee made the save before he could deliver another Freak Accident.

A titanic collision could be on the horizon.

Winner: Lars Sullivan

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Nikki Cross And Candice LeRae Leave It All In The Ring

Candice LeRae has been plagued by the issues of her husband Johnny Gargano in recent weeks but this was her chance to allow her in-ring talent to do the talking against NXT’s twisted sister.

LeRae debuted some much-needed aggression against a game Nikki Cross who was able to hit The Purge but LeRae became the first person to kick out of The Scottish star’s finisher. Le Rae seemingly snapped in the middle of the match and threw lefts and rights at Cross before locking in a death lock and driving Nikki’s face into the canvas. In the end, it was Cross who picked up the victory with an innovative neck breaker from the top rope.

Winner: Nikki Cross

Rating: Thumbs Up


Overall Review: This week’s NXT featured all of the dark matches from War Games as well as the recap from what was a fantastic show in Los Angeles.

The real fall out from the show will begin next week on NXT when Keith Lee takes on Lars Sullivan, but this was still a fantastic filler week for the show which showed that there is a lot of talent in NXT’s undercard when needed.

Overall Rating: Thumbs Up