WWE NXT Results: November 28, 2018

Image via WWE.com

Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch Vs The Mighty

This was a usual start to NXT with a brutish tag match. Lorcan and Burch got the early advantage but the members of the Mighty rallied soon. There were some painful looking spots. This again highlighted the problems of the main roster.

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When tag teams are allowed to properly wrestle, they can put on a great show. It was also a great match where the actions were all that were needed to tell the story. This meant that if this was the first NXT show you were watching, you would instantly know who were the good guys and who were the bad guys.

An awesome way to start the show. The post-match beatdown by The Mighty further drove their point home.

Winners: Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch

Rating: Thumbs Up

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EC3 Makes His Return

EC3 took on Marcel Barthel in his return to wrestling after over a month and he showed why he is one of the front runners to make a main-roster debut very soon.

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This was another match that told a great story. EC3 played the underdog perfectly for the first half but then was able to rally and show why he is in the top 1 percent. Obviously, EC3 won but it didn’t feel predictable at all. EC3 is primed and ready and it would be an awesome swerve to see him assist Elias and Balor on the main roster.

Winner: EC3

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Mia Yim Takes Down Vanessa Borne

This match really delighted us as it showed how strong the women’s side of things is in WWE right now. This was an excellent showing by these two women.

Borne played the heel role perfectly and tried repeatedly to use unfair means to win including a poke in the eye but Yim managed to hold on and triumph. Another excellent showing from the women’s division from NXT. We just hope that all this talent does not get wasted down the road.

Winner: Mia Yim

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Keith Lee and Lars Sullivan Put On A Beastly Main Event

We were really excited for this match as it showcased two men who don’t look like your typical wrestlers but are as good as any of them in the ring and it delivered on all fronts.

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This match was as brutal as you would expect it to be but it was also surprisingly athletic and technical. Sullivan proved to be the more colossal of the two wrestlers tonight.

This could be a really great feud and could lead to some really amazing and trend-setting matches in the future but with Sullivan heading to the main roster, we have to wait and see how this plays out. A fitting end to another great show.

Winner: Lars Sullivan

Rating: Thumbs Up


Overall Review: Even though some of the big names like Black and Gargano were missing, the return of EC3 and that awesome main-event made up for it. We do have a bone to pick though. The NXT roster is as deep as the main roster and the current format is just too short to showcase all of them. A little more content would not hurt. Having said that, this was a solid show.

Overall Rating: Thumbs Up