WWE NXT Results: November 7, 2018

wwe nxt results november 7 2018
Image via WWE.com

Heavy Machinery def. Forgotten Sons in an exciting start to the match

This was an impressive opening to the show in what was a typical NXT tag match. There were a lot of close calls and you couldn’t pick one clear favorite out of the two teams till the very end. The action was quick-paced which is surprising considering the size of some the men involved.

It is a shame that week in and week out we get to see so many awesome tag matches on NXT when the main roster keeps shoveling dirt down the fans’ throat.

The ending was the highlight as Dozer used the help he received from Knight to good effect by hitting his finisher on Blake which is easily one of the most impactful and exciting moves we have seen in a long time. This was yet another stellar start to a show of NXT.

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Dakota Kai beats an impressive Taynara Conti

Image via WWE.com

We were skeptical about seeing judo specialist making it big in NXT but Conti has proven us wrong. She manages to keep the matches exciting even if it involves negligible acrobatics and areal stuff.

Dakota Kai continue to impress and this is a new brand of women’s wrestling that we can get behind. This was also a nicely paced match which is rare to see in a women’s match.

Dakota Kai won with the Kai-ropractor which is a move that both looks and sounds cool. A great exhibition both for women and NXT in general.

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Promo Segments

Wargames and the future of the show was built with fervor during this part of NXT. It started with an entertaining interview of Mia Yim who was interrupted by Bianca Belair and it is only a matter of time before the two lock horns.

Matt Riddle’s great debut was hyped again and it seems like he will get into a feud with Kassius Ohno which should be fun. What followed was one of the most awesome video packages on NXT ever hyping up the four-on-four Wargames.

Finally, we also got the Gargano side of the story where he admitted why he did what he did and that he does not regret what he did and is willing to do anything. These were all great and kept the excitement level high.

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Sullivan beats Velveteen Dream but can’t keep him down

Usually matches involving big jacked up brutes aren’t very entertaining as they move around very stiffly and have a very limited moves’ set. Lars Sullivan doesn’t belong in that category despite the way he looks and that was on perfect exhibition here.

The Velveteen Dream rallied multiple times in the match only to be stopped in his tracks by Sullivan each time. This was highly entertaining and we didn’t want the match to end.

Sullivan eventually beat Dream with Ciampa’s help and it seemed like Dream was done for it but he had enough left in him to get back at Ciampa and end the night holding Ciampa’s title high. The crowd went nuts with Velveteen chants and it was overall a great way to end NXT and build up their upcoming title match.

Rating: Thumbs Up


Overall Review: A jam-packed show that did a lot without rushing any segment. Everything was nicely laid out and we cannot wait for Wargames now. The feud between Gargano and Black has reached its zenith and the direction the Dream and Ciampa feud can take is also very exciting. This was as perfect as an NXT show could get.

Overall Rating: Thumbs Up