WWE NXT Results: October 10, 2018

wwe nxt results oct 10 2018
Image via WWE.com

Opening segment: What’s the secret?

NXT this week started off with Tommaso Ciampa addressing the Velveteen dream. The mic skills of Ciampa has improved massively. Velveteen Dream coming out to confront Ciampa was quite good. He has that nature which you either love or hate and that was on full display tonight. This is a good thing for the NXT championship as it gives the championship scenario something different to explore.

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This segment was moving along like any other regular war of words between two wrestlers until Nikki Cross came to the ring and turned things up to 11. It takes a truly talented wrestler to play a crazy person and Nikki Cross plays it so believably.

She basically insinuated that she knows a secret about the Velveteen Dream regarding the attack on Aleister Black. She also repeatedly kept knocking the mic away from Ciampa which is interesting. The feud stays alive and it was a pretty decent way to start the show.

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Keith Lee is a bonafide superstar in the making

Even though the likes of Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens have shown that big men who do not look athletic can be really athletic in real life, Keith Lee takes it to the next level as he brings almost a cruiserweight level of athleticism.

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This was a fast paced match and not something you would normally expect from guys who look like these two. Kona Reeves does appear a bit green but there is plenty of potential there.

Keith Lee though could be a superstar of the future because he has that believability and charm that helps him connect with the crowd. The finishing move was especially delightful to watch.

Winner: Keith Lee

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A mind-blowing main event

There is a reason hard-core wrestling fans gravitate towards NXT and it is because of matches like this one. Even if this was the first NXT show you had ever watched, you would have still enjoyed it just as much as anyone who has been following NXT from its very inception.

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It showcased everything that makes for a memorable wrestling match. The moves were breathtaking and there was so much going on that at times it was difficult to keep up with all the action.

Triple threat matches can generally turn into boring affairs but this one had all the action you would get out of a single’s match. Each wrestler got ample time to stake their case and all three looked better than most main roster stars are allowed to look these days. NXT superstars are allowed a bit more leeway over what they can do and that was evident here.

Even though the title did not change hands, the match was so good that we did not care. Pete Dunne is charismatic and Adam Cole reminds you of a young Edge. Ricochet looks like a million dollars and hopefully he can continue this form whenever he makes his main roster debut.

Winner and still the North American Champion: Ricochet