WWE NXT Results: October 17, 2018

aleister black returns wwe nxt oct 17
Image via WWE.com

This week’s NXT saw some great returns and builds up a major storyline for the coming weeks.

Bobby Fish returns to lay out the War Raiders

War Raiders def. Undisputed ERA by disqualification: The War Raiders tried to challenge the Undisputed era for the NXT Tag Championships and it was a darn good match with a great ending.

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As expected, the match was of the high octane type that you can expect from an NXT tag match. The initial display of strength from Rowe and Strong was awesome to watch. There were a few cool spots like the Uranage on O’Reilly by Rowe. Adam Cole tried to cause a disruption but was firmly dealt with by Hanson.

The War Raiders almost had one finger on the title when they hit their finisher on O’Reilly but a returning Bobby Fish spoiled that party. This is awesome for the NXT tag division. Fish has been cleared for an in-ring return which means that things will only get more explosive. Another great start to an NXT show.

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Baszler disfigures Britt Baker’s hands while Lorcan and Burch win

Image via WWE.com

Shayna Baszler def. Britt Baker : If you have any doubts about how scary Shayna Baszler is then watch this segment. You will probably be wincing throughout the match as Bazler twisted and turned Baker’s hands into angles and shapes it should not be bent into.

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We don’t think we have ever seen a match that came to a halt because the opponent was too scared to continue. That is what happened as Baker started crying and the win was awarded to Baszler.

This certainly builds up Baszler as a scary woman wonderfully. What happens now is the question though as she needs to get into a long-term feud to develop her character further.

Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch def. Tian Bing & Rocky: The tag match that followed was short and fast with nothing ground breaking but nothing to complain either.

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Black is back

After weeks of build-up, Aleister Black finally returned in perhaps the best way he could and in a way that only NXT can pull off.

The match between Bianca Belair and Nikki Cross was supposed to conclude the show and the match started in earnest fashion. The control of the match swung between the two woman and there were quite a few near falls. The crowd was really hooked and the action just kept getting hotter and hotter.

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Just when you thought that the action couldn’t get any more heated that the lights went off and Black was in the ring. We all felt that finally the secret would be revealed but Cross only whispered it into Black’s ears. He got really angry which means that this could lead to some interesting revelations.

This tease was a great way to build anticipation for next week. One of the coolest endings on NXT.

Rating: Thumbs Up


Overall Review: Another solid show that had a lot of action but that is nothing new on NXT. What was unique about today’s show was the return of Fish and Black and the awesome possibilities that lie ahead. Almost the perfect NXT show. Just that Baszler needs a bit of a direction from here on.

Overall Rating: Thumbs Up