WWE NXT Results: October 31, 2018

wwe nxt results october 31 2018
Image via WWE.com

Nikki Cross takes down Mercedes Martinez

Nikki Cross def. Mercedes Martinez: Before the show started, a brief video package showing everything that was aired was shown which was great. NXT is going through some exciting times.

Nikki Cross and Mercedes opened the show with a decent match. While this match lacked the athleticism and polish of other NXT matches and felt more like a fist fight, it suits the character of Cross.

This was all a set up to further the feud of Aleister Black and Johnny Gargano as Gargano’s wife Candice LeRae tried to confront Cross for telling Aleister. Cross sliding out in her trademark style was awesome.

We just can’t wait for Black to exact his revenge. While this start wasn’t as explosive as other NXT shows, it was a nice change of pace without putting up a mediocre showing.

Rating: Thumbs Up

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The Mighty and Street Profits tear the house down

Image via WWE.com

The Street Profits def. The Mighty: And we were back to business as usual with a high-paced action-packed tag match. The start felt more like an acrobatic show than a wrestling match.

This was pure wrestling in action. It might lack the slow build-up of main roster match and was tuned to eleven from the opening bell but that is what distinguishes it from the rest of the WWE product.

These are two teams that have a lot of potential and could someday bolster the main roster. If you want to get a taste of what NXT is all about then this is a great match to start from.

Rating: Thumbs Up


A few matches were announced for Takeover including Tommaso and the Velveteen Dream going for the NXT championship while Aleister Black will battle Johnny Gargano as expected. Lars Sullivan going about destroying everything in sight and vowing to take out Velveteen Dream to get a title shot was a fun segment.

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Matt Riddle makes his NXT debut against Luke Menzies

Matt Riddle def. Luke Menzies: Riddle received a thunderous ovation and the match started in earnest after some showboating. It was a great way to show what Riddle is capable of. He is exciting as a wrestler but not like all the other NXT wrestlers which is great to see.

Riddle can be a great fit to the NXT roster and eventually the main roster as well. We see great things in this man’s future and tonight was a great first step. Luke Menzies was just about okay and hung In there without taking too much of the spotlight.

Rating: Thumbs Up


Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch took on Raul Mendoza and Humberto Carrillo

Image via WWE.com

Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch def. Raul Mendoza & Humberto Carrillo:This was the first match that showed signs of NXT trying to cram in too much into a single night.

The match was too short and when you have four men who are highly motivated to put a great show and aren’t given the opportunity, they try to cram in too much action into a short time period and it came across as if they were trying too hard.

Both teams got to get in some offense but you got a sense that this was all rushed.

Rating: Thumbs Down

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War Raiders, Pete Dunn and Ricochet beats the s**t out of The Undisputed Era

There was obviously going to be retaliation for what happened last week and this was it. The Undisputed Era were backstage talking smack when they got attacked by the War Raiders. Things quickly escalated as the action spilled out near the ramp and the ring area when Pete Dunn and Ricochet joined in on the melee.

William Regal made the announcement of the night as these 8 men will now take on each other inside War Games. That should be one exciting match.

Rating: Thumbs Up


Overall Review: This was a great show and while it lacked the hard-hitting action of other nights, it was all about building Takeover and that was done well. The debut of Matt Riddle went quite well and it’s a shame that NXT can put up such great tag matches when the main roster tag division is in tatters.

Overall Rating: Thumbs Up