WWE NXT Results, Review, Highlights: February 13


Dominik Dijakovic Takes On Shane Thorne

This was a typical NXT technical match with Shane Thorne repeatedly working on Dominik Dijakovic‘s hands while Dijakovic retaliated with slightly flashier stuff like a flurry of kicks.

The match culminated with an awesome sequence that included an awesome springboard corkscrew splash to the outside. Dijakovic clinched a thrilling victory using the Feast your Eyes.

Winner: Dominik Dijakovic

Our Take From It: There are times when it is astounding to realize how much talent there is in NXT and how some of the most extraordinary display of athleticism can seem like the norm. This match perfectly encapsulated that.

Obviously, there is nothing much to complain here except for perhaps the short length of the match. This was a great start to the show. Go watch this match if you have ever wondered why NXT is so highly rated.

Rating: 4.6/5

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The Street Profits vs Humberto Carillo and Stacey Ervin Jr.

The high octane action continued in the form of tag team action. Some awesome reversals and counters were exhibited by Carillo and Ford followed by more hard-hitting action from the rest.

Some nice team tactics were displayed by The Street Profits to pick up the win. After the match, the who’s who of the tag division all made it to the ring but War Raiders were able to stand tall.

Winner: The Street Profits

Our Take From It: This was another excellent tag match. The backstage segments before the match were all kept short which allowed this match to go on for a decent amount of time.

The main drama was, of course, post-match. This is how a tag division should be built up. Anyone among the non-title holders can be a legitimate challenger while the champions themselves feel legitimate. Another great match and segment.

Rating: 4.6/5

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Taynara Conti and Aliyah Give A Good Account Of Themselves

Image via WWE

This match went for a more hands on approach as opposed to a lot of high-flying action. The match was again of decent length and after a good amount of back and forth, Aliyah was able trap Conti in a Kimura and made her tap out with the help of some additional stomps to the head.

Post-match, Shayna Baszler and her entourage hit the ring and destroyed everyone.

Winner: Aliyah

Our Take From It: The women’s division on NXT is another part of the show that is thriving. This was another great match where some of the bit players of the women’s division got some much needed exposure while the champ was still able to exercise her authority as the top gun. The match though could have gone a little longer.

Rating: 4.4/5

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Ricochet and Adam Cole Up The Antè

The match started off really fast and only kept getting faster which seemed impossible. Some of the moves seemed unbelievable like a painful looking Lariat or a standing moonsault by Ricochet.

Adam Cole too put on show a plethora of awesome moves but he started to fall behind towards the back end of the match. Ricochet stringed together some great move-sets culminating in a Northern lights suplex that transitioned into a deadlift suplex followed by a Vertigo for the win.

Winner: Ricochet

Our Take From It: If there were two people who could have upped the ante after the way the the show started then these would definitely be in the reckoning. This match went at a breakneck speed but still told a coherent story. Overall a very great exhibition of the fact that Ricochet is primed and ready for the main roster.

Rating: 4.7/5

Overall Review: In a week where the main shows fared poorly, NXT shone brightly showing yet again that the creative team can put on a great show. This was another stellar show and everything from the start to finish was great. The only complaint at the end was that the show did not go on longer.

Moment of the Night: Ricochet’s finishing moves

Overall Rating: 4.6/5