WWE RAW Results, Review, Highlights: February 4


The Man Gets Suspended

This was the standard Stephanie parade wherein the crowd just wanted her to shut up. Thankfully, Becky interrupted her and Stephanie went on to iterate how she needs to be medically cleared by the WWE doctors before she can compete at WrestleMania.

That of course did not go down well with the man and she ended up running her mouth for which she got suspended as she did not want to get herself tested by the doctors at WWE.

Becky attacked Stephanie but her knee gave out allowing Stephanie to make her escape. Later she was confronted by Ronda Rousey backstage who condemns her for attacking Stephanie and advises her with disdain to use ice and Advil.

Our Take From It: WWE has never been high on coherence and this segment was proof of it. If this is how Charlotte gets added to the match-up then WWE might as well not go ahead with the match.

All this might be a way to spice up this match but it is kinda hypocritical of Rousey to accuse Lynch of being unprofessional for attacking Stephanie when Rousey did the exact same thing during her first appearance with WWE.

Also, Rousey needs to be told that anger isn’t portrayed by speaking very fast because at times it looked like she was parodying a rapper. All is not lost though as the mouth-watering prospect of these two women meeting in the ring is still there. All the WWE universe can do now is pray that WWE does not somehow screw up something magical.

Rating: 3.5/5

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Rousey Asserts Her Dominance (Rousey vs. Liv Morgan/Rousey vs. Sarah Logan):

The match began with Liv Morgan trying to avoid Rousey and then trying to sneak attack her which did not end well for her. Rousey made her tap to the armbar.

Rousey then challenged Sarah Logan to a fight and while Logan put up a bit more fight, she too eventually tapped out to Rousey. Ruby Riott then thought of challenging Rousey but quietly walked away. She later tried to explain why she walked away by saying she needed to take care of her friends and will face Rousey, but for the title.

Winner (Twice): Ronda Rousey (via submission)

Our Take From It: There was a time when heel turns were a big thing but it seems like WWE has forsaken that. Last week it was Elias and this week it was Rousey who showed heel characteristics as she ended up openly insulting the crowd.

That aside though, this was a fun set of matches that perfectly puts over Rousey as a very credible threat. This is the best way to build up Rousey as opposed to have her speak. For what it’s worth, for once the squashing of talent could actually mean something in the long run.

Rating: 4.1/5

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The Revival Get Their Title Shot (Heavy Machinery vs. Lucha House Party vs. The Revival vs. The B Team)

This was not at all the standard tag team action but was started by Metalik and Dorado double teaming on Bo Dallas. One by one, the others would get involved. The high point of this match was a double Asai Moonsault off the apron by Metalik and Dorado. Dozer hit the Caterpillar on Bo Dallas sending the crowd into a frenzy.

The Revival eventually picked up the win with the Shatter Machine. Backstage, Ryder and Hawkins consoled each other for being losers by saying how Ryder was going to help Hawkins pick up his first win.

Winners: The Revival (by pinfall)

Our Take From It: This was another fun match with a lot of fun spots. The only problem with a match of this type is that there is no good way to sell the 4 corner tag match in a believable way. The whole concept is laughable.

However, there are no better ways to have four tag teams to compete at the same time. The Revival picking up the win is good but then again, the current tag champions were nowhere to be seen and hopefully it will be rectified next week. The banter between Ryder and Hawkins was okay.

Rating: 4/5

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Kurt Angle Tries To Announce Something And Gets Interrupted

This began with a somber note as Angle would go on to recount his achievements and it looked like he was well on the course to announcing his in-ring retirement.

Corbin interrupted and said a lot of insulting stuff. He was joined by Drew McIntyre and together they tried to attack Angle but ended up being thwarted by Braun Strowman coming out to help Kurt Angle.

Our Take From It: There is no hiding the fact that Kurt Angle is in the very last leg of his in-ring career and this seemed like foreshadowing of things to come. The man is an absolute legend and he deserves everyone’s respect. Also, Strowman just attacking people left and right never gets old and that helped this segment which started out in quite the emotional manner to end up being fun.

Rating: 4/5

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The Boss and Gug Connection Make It To The Elimination Chamber (Sasha Banks and Bayley vs. Nikki Cross and Alicia Fox):

Banks was attacked viciously by Cross and Fox before the match could even start. While Bayley was also attacked, she wasn’t as badly beaten up as Banks. As a result, the match was all about Bayley trying to pick up the win.

There were some nice wrestling moments which is saying something in a match involving Alicia Fox. Banks came to the aid of Bayley at a crucial moment and eventually Bayley rolled up Fox for the win.

Winners: The Boss and Hug connection (by pinfall)

Our Take From It: The Boss and Hug connection are favorites to win the inaugural women’s tag match and that is why they were allowed to win despite one member effectively being disabled for the entire match. There was nothing out of this world about this match and the more important thing is how things are dealt with from here on.

Rating: 4/5

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Elias Picks Up A Win Over An Old Man (Elias vs. Jeff Jarrett)

Road Dogg came out and did his routine. Jeff Jarrett joined him and started singing “With my baby tonight”. Elias who seems to be a full blown heel now berated them and then went one-on-one with Jarrett. The match was okay for an old guy but ended up coming up short against Elias. This was JJ’s first loss on RAW in 19 years.

Winner: Elias (by pinfall)

Our Take From It: This is clearly WWE’s way of adding that old-timer match and it isn’t all that bad. The Road Dogg routine was fun and the two old guys singing was fun too. JJ took a guitar to Elias’ back post-match and the guitar did not shatter. This spot genuinely looked scary and painful. Kudos to Elias for going all in with this.

Rating: 3.2/5

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Finn Balor Somehow Keeps It Interesting (Finn Balor vs. Lio Rush):

It started with a backstage segment with Balor telling how he would not back down despite being quite hurt. The match with Lio Rush followed and this was quite the athletic match. After quite a few back and forth, Finn Balor hit his finisher on Rush for the win.

Winner: Finn Balor (by pinfall)

Our Take From It: This was way more enjoyable than anything Lashley has put on since becoming the IC champion. If all this ends up with Finn Balor being crowned champion at WrestleMania then it would all have been worth it. As far as this match was concerned, it was pretty good.

Rating: 4.2/5

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Why Dean, Why? (Dean Ambrose vs. EC3)

EC3 came out as the guest of Moment of Bliss. They got interrupted by Nia Jax and Tamina and then later by Dean Ambrose. Dean went on to accuse Nia of having a crush on him and asked her to stay away from him.

Dean then insulted EC3 using a rapid fire questioning that lead to them brawling and then having the match. The match was short and EC3 won with a roll-up on a shocked Dean Ambrose.

Winner: EC3 (by pinfall)

Our Take From It: The banter between Dean and Nia was the highlight here. Dean is absolute gold when it comes to segments like this and again begs the question as to why WWE is letting him go. He does have insane chemistry with Jax. The match from EC3’s point of view was great and he couldn’t have asked for a better start to his main roster career.

Rating: 4.4/5

Kurt Angle and Braun Strowman Bring It

The main event was a classic one with Kurt Angle almost appearing to emulate Brock Lesnar by hitting multiple German Suplexes. It was all about who was the strongest here and more than once the heels tried to pull off something shady.

It was, however, Strowman who caused the disqualification by attacking Corbin. Post match, Strowman and Angle ascertained their dominance and stood tall.

Winners: Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre (via disqualification)

Our Take From It: Clearly, WWE is gearing this as some sort of tribute to Kurt Angle who could have his final match at this year’s WrestleMania. This was a really fun match and the two heels are playing the perfect foil to the faces. It also keeps Strowman in a sort of static limbo without hurting his WWE chances. Overall, a great main event.

Rating: 4.5/5

Overall Review: This was one of the better editions of RAW in recent times. Pretty much every match had a purpose and fared quite well. It still had its quirks but nothing that would force viewers into frustration.

Elimination Chamber is shaping up to be exciting while WrestleMania has all the traits of being a landmark one. The Man is just blazing hot.

Moment of the Night: Braun Strowman coming out to save Kurt Angle

Overall Rating: 4/5