WWE Royal Rumble 2018 Review & Results

The Sh*t-hole Just Got a Whole Lot Deeper

Alright, the show started with the 1-on-2 handicap match for AJ Styles’ WWE Championship, so at least we could get over with the derision early.

A few minutes later…

Yet another screwed-up finish. WHAT. And no, that was not an Austin reference, so calm your beer cans. As of writing this line, we were one pissed-off team (Update after finishing the article: WE STILL ARE.) So AJ Styles won with a pin over Kevin Owens, but there was dispute over whether Kevin Owens was tagged in or not. And right here, from the screen, we could see that Zayn HAD NOT tagged Kevin Owens. How come the referee, in DIRECT VIEWING, and literally 6 inches away, failed to see there was not even a tag? Hell, Kevin even retracted his hand a bit to make sure it did not happen! Sure, Shane McMahon or Daniel Bryan screwing up refereeing could be attributed to their not being familiar with the role, but this was a referee who was chosen to oversee a match for the WWE Championship, theoretically one (of two) biggest titles in the entire company! But yeah, rant aside, this was pretty much the only way out for WWE – a screwy finish.

The scriptwriters had booked themselves into a corner with the ridiculous 1-on-2 handicap WWE Championship match, so SOMETHING had to be devised so as to keep the title on AJ, all the while not making Sami or Kevin look weak had they been defeated clean as a sheet. Sensible decision in context, it was just that the very thing all sides involved had to work with in the first place was downright ridiculous.

A Clean Sweep

Now this match, where there were actually room for some dispute, ended way too decisive. Even though seeing a 2-0 result for a 2-out-of-3 falls match was a change, but this was not done at the right time. All those weeks of showing Gable and Benjamin having two wins over The Usos had now gone to waste. This victory from the Usos completely made Gable and Benjamin look like in-coordinate fools, especially in the second pinfall, where Gable, half-way up the top rope, saw Benjamin being schoolboy-ed but could not descend in time to make the save. The match had good wrestling, though, which was something we could console ourselves on. But so far, the show had not excited us.