WWE SmackDown 1000 Results & Review: October 16, 2018

wwe smackdown 1000 evolution
Image via WWE.com

SmackDown’s long awaited 1000th episode took place this Tuesday. Let us find out if it was a worthy tribute to the show

R-Truth of all people starts the show

[fvplayer src=”https://cdn1.wwe.com/hd_video1/wwe/2018/sd1000_truthtv_10162018/sd1000_truthtv_10162018_768x432.mp4″ splash=”https://www.wwe.com/f/styles/wwe_large/public/2018/10/20181016_sd_truthtv–613b6179c7df484e36210684e7344488.jpg”]

No one in their wildest dreams would have predicted R-Truth as the one who would start the show. It was another awesome segment of Truth TV.

Truth hyping up the show as being on air for years was funny considering this was just the second episode. The McMahons of course had to make an entrance but it was a lot more bearable than usual as the bickering was kept to a minimum.

Vince McMahon has done some weird and cringe worthy things in the past. He used to take one of the most unceremonious Stone Cold Stunners. Another thing was added to that list as we got to see him dance today. It was a silly segment which is a great thing as these special shows usually start off with the McMahons gloating which no one really wants to see or hear.

This is the SmackDown way of things and it is nice to see it being preserved for this 1000th edition too.

Rating: Thumbs Up

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AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan fail to be on the same page

The Usos def. Daniel Bryan & AJ Styles: Despite this being the 1000th edition of SmackDown, the fact still remains that matches have to be built up for WWE Crown Jewel and this one was an attempt to show some dissension between the two men supposed to fight for the championship.

The Usos also got some airtime after a long time and the show of respect between Bryan and Jey before the match started was great to watch. Normally, a title bout between two faces isn’t a great prospect but if any two men can pull it off then it would be Bryan and Styles.

The backstage segment that followed was also nice with Teddy Long, Vickie Guerrero, and John Laurinaitis joining Paige. Can’t believe that we would come to miss Vickie and John.

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Evolution reunite

As advertised, Evolution reunited to huge cheers. We got a history lesson from the various members about everything this group has accomplished.

Orton stayed in character as a heel and crapped on the other three. It was great to see Ric Flair even though most of what he said came across as gibberish. This was also great as it sets up a possible feud between Batista and Triple H in the future.

Batista alluded to the fact that Triple H has accomplished a lot in the business but the one thing he has never done is beat Batista. Even though the two men hugged it out, this could ‘evolve’ into something big and exciting in the future.

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Aiden English continues to torment Rusev

The Miz def. Rusev to qualify for the WWE World Cup: Rusev and Miz fought for a spot in the World Cup. This was quick and ended in a flash when Aiden English distracted Rusev who got rolled up by the Miz.

This was short but still entertaining. The post-match beatdown of Aiden English by both Lana and Rusev was a delight to watch. This sets up a feud between the two and while it wasn’t too interesting when all this started, it has started gaining steam. This will only work if WWE invest time in this.

For now it is headed in the right direction and this segment was a perfect use of the short time available on today’s packed show.

Rating: Thumbs Up