WWE SmackDown 1000 Results & Review: October 16, 2018

Edge tries to reason with Becky Lynch

We knew Edge was scheduled to appear but The Cutting Edge was a pleasant surprise. Edge tried to reason with Lynch to bring her to the good side but a villainous Lynch is still just as much lovable.

Becky Lynch saying she does not like who she has become only to backtrack and say she LOVES who she has become was classic heel work used to perfection. Even her jab at Edge’s neck injury was received more in awe than hatred by the fans. She is the perfect anti-hero and it is working.

The all out brawl between Charlotte and Lynch was a great way to move this feud forward. We can’t wait for these two to lock horns for the women’s title.

Rating: Thumbs Up

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The Bar reclaim the Tag Championships with some BIG help

The Bar def. The New Day: This was another surprise but one that left us clueless as we did not know how to react.

While everyone expected the New Day to retain like they have been doing for some time now, the Bar managed to beat them with help from the Big Show and become the Tag champions for the fifth time.

While it was fun to see The Big Show back in the ring again, no explanation was provided as to why Big Show would assist the New Day. He is a face and they are heels. Creating chaos just for the sake of creating chaos is not fun and WWE jumped the hoop with this one.

Rating: Thumbs Down

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Rey Mysterio 619’s his way into the World Cup

Rey Mysterio def. Shinsuke Nakamura to qualify for the WWE World Cup: This was in some way the most anticipated return of the night and it did not disappoint. Rey Mysterio is still so exciting and agile in the ring and he made Nakamura more relevant in one night than all of his days on the main roster so far.

We weren’t really excited about the World Cup but with the addition of Rey Mysterio, we are intrigued as to how this will turn out. This match was exciting and we would love to see more of Rey Mysterio as well as these two duking it out at some point in the future. It is a shame though that the US title has been a pseudo title for quite some time now.

The Undertaker appeared for a short segment to call out DX again, which was okay. Surprisingly, the crowd booed Taker for mentioning WWE Crown Jewel.

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Overall Review: Normally WWE manages to gloriously screw up landmark events like the ones that happened on the RAW side of the show but this one was handled well.

Matches and feuds were built-up while legends got to play the nostalgia card. Barring the Big Show segment, this was a good show and a great way to pay tribute to the blue brand that has come to represent the land of opportunity in WWE.

Overall Rating: Thumbs Up