WWE Smackdown Live Results and Review: April 17th 2018 – Providence, RI

The Dream Indy Darlings?

To open the show, Styles fought Rusev after failing to call out Shinsuke Nakamura. However, Aiden English interfered to end the match in a DQ, and it seemed like Styles was about to be turned into a punchbag when… OUT CAME DANIEL BRYAN!

Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles teaming together (or at least, having each other’s back) is perfect on many levels. Daniel, as much of a fan favourite as he is, needed that alliance with AJ Styles to concrete his position as someone that fights the darkness. AJ Styles will also benefit from being paired up with someone as popular as Bryan – let us be honest here, his recent feuds had not exactly been on fire. The pairing decision also worked from an in-ring perspective. What you are looking at right now are two of the absolute best wrestlers in the world that had been the overlords of the independent scene for a decade before they signed a contract with The Genetic Jackhammer. Those indy fans must be all watery wet by now *smirks*.

…*leaves keyboard to change pants*…



Same Championship, Same House, New Owner

JEFF HARDY IS ON SMACKDOWN LIVE! After defeating Jinder Mahal for the United States Championship on Monday Night RAW, he decided to discover the world that The Modern-day Maharaja used to roam, and the first thing he did was making his entrance smack bang in the middle of Randy Orton’s. Seems like The Viper’s fate is intertwined with the championship for a while. Adding a newly-split-from-a-tag-team Shelton Benjamin to the mix and we had a true scene of nostalgia. Not sure if it was 2018 or 2008.



More Bludgeoning

Not much to discuss. Luke Harper handily defeated Jey Uso while commotion went down outside the ring. Erick and Luke beat up the penitentiary boys so hard, even Naomi had to run down and beg them off. Another step to “hype” The Usos vs The Bludgeon Brothers at next week’s Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia. Not excited.