WWE SmackDown Live Results & Review: November 27, 2018

Becky ‘The Man’ Lynch Is Back

Finally we had a silver lining to all the injury related news that we have been receiving of late. Becky is back and she will compete at TLC. Her opponent was the heart of the matter of this opening segment.

Charlotte came out and whatever good-will was there between the two seems to have disappeared and the two seem to be at each other’s throats again. Lynch tried to get Charlotte to admit that she did whatever she did only because Charlotte channeled Lynch which The Queen did not take to too kindly. They almost got into blows but Paige stopped them and set the title match up for TLC which should be another great edition in the feud.

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A little drama was added as first the heels and then the faces of the women’s division came out and wanted to know why they weren’t getting a title shot. This resulted in the title match being turned into a triple threat with the third person being determined by a Battle Royal in the main event.

As much as we hate battle royals and mindless triple threats, this could actually be fun. A great start to SmackDown and boy does it feel good to have Lynch back.

Rating: Thumbs Up

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The Usos Beat the Bar After Big Show Refuses to Help

The whole sham with the Bar winning the tag championships with Big Show’s help still angers us but this is plain ridiculous. Apparently the Big Show no longer wants to help the Bar and even knocked out Cesaro backstage. The Usos then proceeded to beat the Bar in a non-title match.

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It is unclear where WWE is heading with all this but it is the bad kind of uncertainty that leads people to lose their interest in the whole angle. This is a silly direction WWE is taking with an already fragile tag division. We are sure whatever Big Show’s motivations are behind his actions are equally absurd.

The match itself was pretty good but the lack of a clear and exciting direction makes this all pointless and a rehash of things we have seen a million times before. When are the Bludgeon Brothers coming back?

Winners: The Usos

Rating: Thumbs Down

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AJ Styles Gets No Response From Daniel Bryan

We get an explanation for why Styles wasn’t present the last few weeks. He wasn’t cleared medically. Ironically, Bryan wasn’t present tonight and Styles asked him to be there at TLC.

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There are mixed feelings about this match as this will produce a lot of classic matches but this is a style of wrestling that we have seen so many times before. It also has the tendency of being treated as the second most important feud in WWE with whatever happening in RAW taking precedence.

Having said that, if two wrestlers can be expected to deliver each time then it has to be Bryan and Styles. Styles’ current promos have become repetitive as we have been hearing the same thing since his feud with Nakamura. A little change could do wonders for him.