WWE Smackdown Live Results & Review: April 24th 2018

Big Statement Made

For the first time in a very long time, The Miz was out-mic’ed. Big Cass interrupted Miz TV and absolutely murdered his promo about Daniel Bryan. From his hatred of being overshadowed by Daniel Bryan even though they had similar recovery paths to his claiming superiority over The American Dragon because he was big, educated, and (subjectively) good-looking, the calmer half of Enzo and Cass had convinced us that he could cut good promos without Enzo Amore. If Daniel Bryan had been here, he still really should not have joined Miz TV, since he would have been slain on the mic.

And apparently, The Miz has turned face now. Or at least a pseudo-face. To that we say: AAAAWESOME.



Royce And Kay Got The Rope, BAYBAY!!!

(The IIconics def. Asuka & Becky Lynch)

The Iconics are making strong, long steps forward in establishing themselves as heels on Smackdown Live, and we enjoyed seeing that process tonight transpiring in the form of their distinct promo and the rope-assisted pinfall victory. Sure, Asuka and Becky Lynch looked like background players in this match, but as long as they have a clear direction in the next couple of weeks, they should fare just fine. Peyton Royce and Billie Kay are new to the main roster audience, so it is currently WWE’ top priority when it comes to character development. WWE did just that tonight, so no negatives from us on this segment.



Rowan Felt The Glow

(Jimmy Uso def. Rowan)

The tag team title feud got a whole lot more interesting tonight. Naomi interfered in the Bludgeon – Usos business again, but this time, her entrance actually cost Rowan the match – the first loss for any member of the Bludgeon Brothers since the unit’s debut, as far as our recollection goes. With the Naomi interjection angle happening twice in the past couple of weeks already, it is safe to assume that she will be involved in the rivalry for another while. But not at Saudi Arabia though.

Perhaps, the feud will culminate in a 3-on-3 tag match featuring The Usos and Naomi vs The Bludgeon Brothers and Sister Abigail???