WWE Smackdown Live Results & Review: April 3rd 2018

Hug It Out Maaaaaan

Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon had finally reconciled after past disagreements, and the timing could not have been apter. And it was great that the show had this segment, otherwise it would have been pretty confusing to see Bryan and Shane kicking Zayn and Owens’ *sses in perfect harmony at WrestleMania. To make things better, we got to see Daniel Bryan and his organic connection with the crowd. Only the American Dragon can make two men hugging so exciting.

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Second-Generation Tussle, Second-Grade Cash-In Attempt

Natalya vs Charlotte Flair was, as always, a solid affair between two of Smackdown’s top female performers. However, it was added a fun little twist towards the end, as Carmella attempted yet another cash-in, making it 2 (failed) tries in 2 weeks. Quite frankly, this cash-in attempt was pretty daft, since Charlotte was anything but unprepared when Carmella was going down the ramp. So, as far as our inner Sherlock Holmes go, it just might have been some sort of bad timing, or it could be a new fold about desperation being added to Carmella’s snore-fest possession of the Money in the Bank briefcase. In WWE’s world, either can happen. Trust us. We have seen enough.

The Asuka – Charlotte stare-down at the end was a nice little touch, too.



We are so happy that Rusev got another major win on the way to his WrestleMania match. And when we say “major”, we mean “former WWE champion” major. The Bulgarian Brute defeated Jinder Mahal, despite Sunil (or Samir?) Singh’s interference. Why could Randy Orton not have figured that out? Oh right, suspension of disbelief, suspension of disbelief…*repeats 10 more times in head* Jinder was slightly more interesting in this match, and Rusev’s finisher only looked cooler by the day. It would be great if he used that kick to end his match-ka (*ba-dum-tss*) this Sunday, too.

In another arc, it seems like Orton had had Roode’s respect, as the latter only gave the former a little tease before returning the United States Championship to its current owner. Cheeky.


The Obligatory Pre-Mania Scramble

You know how we review the matches used to hype the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. We don’t. SKIP.

(Although we will admit, this match was pretty entertaining to watch).