WWE SmackDown Live Results & Review: August 21, 2018

The SmackDown side of WWE had some explosive matches at Summerslam. Can they better themselves tonight? Let’s find out.

The Miz and Daniel Bryan feud is ruined

The mixed tag team match has never worked. It didn’t work when Cena and Nikki Bella did it. It didn’t work last Sunday on the kick-off show. Don’t get us wrong. Such a match has a huge potential but the men and women involved should have similar wrestling capabilities.

Bryan and Miz can tear the house down but Brie Bella and Maryse are not among the gifted wrestlers in the women’s division. That doesn’t work in a feud that has advanced so much. Maybe this time they will be able to make a mixed tag team match work but based on history, we have very little faith in it.

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The segment was very good but it was so because the men did all the talking. If it is about giving the women equal standing in WWE then why were they just standing there making weird expressions instead of cutting a promo of their own?

To invest in a feud, one needs to be able to connect to the people feuding and while that is true in the case of Bryan and Miz, it certainly doesn’t feel that way with Maryse and Brie. Their Hell In A Cell match will probably be like mixing something hot and cold to make something lukewarm. This was one feud that didn’t deserve to be watered down like this.

Rating: 2/5

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Is Jeff Hardy a heel now?

This was a really entertaining segment to say the least. We were all expecting another beat down for Jeff, this time at the hands of Randy Orton but instead Hardy turned the tables in sadistic fashion. For once the kick to the balls didn’t feel that cringe-worthy although WWE could have gone in another direction.

Hardy beating Orton with a chair after the match and the Swanton through the table was cool and suddenly this feud has come alive. Now we are intrigued to know where all of this is leading to and how Orton will retaliate. A great segment.

Rating: 5/5

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Is Peyton Royce getting a push now?

WWE were back at it again. As soon as a star gets some mainstream attention they try to cash in on it rather cheaply. They did that with Titus O’Neil and they are now doing it with Royce. The truth, however, is that Royce isn’t ready for a push and her in-ring work is questionable. This will only hamper her career. The match was dull and the lack of reaction from the crowd was a death bell from the very beginning.

Rating: 2/5