WWE SmackDown Live Results & Review: August 28, 2018

WWE SmackDown Live Results August 28 2018

SmackDown this week promised to be an intriguing one as the tag division had to set up a lot of things while other storylines had to progress. Let’s see if it managed to do that.

New Day are hilarious like always

The New Day are one of those groups that was never meant to be successful but did it anyway. This was another over the top segment that brought back memories of wrestling of the yesteryear’s. To add to the nostalgia, Booker T coming out as King Booker was also great to see.

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This might have been the silliest opening to a SmackDown show but it proved that humor is a big part of pro wrestling. The highlight was when Big E tried to do the spinaroonie but couldn’t and Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston held his legs and spun him around.

This also sets them up nicely for heel teams that think they are turning the tag division into a joke. It was a fun start to SmackDown.

Rating: Thumbs Up

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The Bar makes progress

Things got serious as the Bar, the Colons and the Good Brothers battled in a triple threat match as a part of the tournament that would determine the opponents for the New Day. The match was pretty decent and the Colons and the Good Brothers got some much needed action in the ring.

Anderson and Gallows are being underutilized and it showed today how good they are as a tag team. They should have also progressed to the next level but the Bar were definitely the better choice. It is great to see SmackDown give so much importance to the tag division. RAW should take notes from them.

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Is Rusev finally becoming a face?

We had been clamoring for this for a long time and it finally seems that WWE has taken the hint. Rusev along with English will be in the other leg of the tournament to decide the tag championship contenders and it is English who got the match booked. Rusev is shown to be pleasantly surprised and happy.

This should not be a setup for further tension between English and Rusev but instead a good run as a tag team for now. They would make for a fresh and new feud in the tag division. Let’s just hope that WWE handles this well. For now it is in the right direction.

Rating: Thumbs Up