WWE SmackDown Live Results & Review: August 7, 2018

WWE SmackDown Live Results & Review August 7 2018

SmackDown has consistently been the better of the two shows. Can it keep that streak going at Amway Center, Orlando, Florida?

Randy Orton Holds the WWE Universe in Awe

Suddenly it felt like all is right with the WWE as Randy Orton came out and yet again put a wonderful display of his heel capabilities. All he did was talk but there was so much venom in everything that he said that everyone literally started fearing for Jeff Hardy.

He knows crowd psychology so well and the best thing about heel Orton is that he doesn’t need to attack old people or women to be a heel. All he has to do is talk and that too without having to raise his voice. The mic drop at the end was a nice touch. Keep more of this coming WWE!


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Charlotte Flair and Lynch Appear to Be on the Same Page

Lynch and Flair beat the IIconics

The initial interview was nice and the match with the IIconics was pretty good as well. Loved the two taking a shot at Banks and Bayley. Wonder if that is something WWE is setting up. An interbrand skirmish at Evolution.

For now this adds an interesting dynamic to the title match at Summerslam. WWE should put the belt on Lynch and probably turn Flair heel and the two can feud. This Carmella s**t needs to end ASAP.



Miz accepts the challenge from Bryan and the two will face off at Summerslam.

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AJ Styles Gives a Great Promo of His Own

Last week Samoa Joe delivered an awesome promo undermining AJ Styles as a family man and this week Styles gave the befitting reply. He hearkened back to the time the two were friends and shared living quarters together.

The way he accepted his shortcomings was refreshing to see and like we always say, what happens in the ring is awesome when it seems rooted in reality and not something Vince’s crazy brain stews up. This one felt real and personal and the feud seems all the more relevant for both men.