WWE SmackDown Live Results & Review: December 18, 2018

Paige Is Done Being The GM While The Leading Women Get To Air Their Opinion

SmackDown started in a sombre mood this week. We are informed that Paige is now stepping down from her role as GM.

This was not a change that we wanted to see. Paige was actually good in the role. However, we were also informed that she isn’t going away which points to a new role for her and we are excited to see what that is. The tribute she got from the entire locker room was very heartening.

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The action then moved on to the ring where understandably it was Becky Lynch who aired her grievances over losing her championship. Flair joined her and while we are still unsure about whether these two are heels or faces or somewhere in between, whatever they are doing is working.

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Asuka came out to a nice ovation and we must admit that we are indeed very happy to see Asuka as the champion. It has been a long time coming and she truly deserves this spot even though it came under dubious circumstances.

This was cue for Vince McMahon to hit the ring and like yesterday, he was greeted with deafening boos. The old man still has it as he very concisely told Lynch to shut up as the title loss occurred on a match that was the “anything goes” type.

He reminded Flair and Lynch that if they have a problem with Rousey then they should take it up with Rousey instead of ranting about it. While the whole McMahons taking charge didn’t work on RAW, it was actually quite good to see Vince on SmackDown.

This could also be because Vince was alone and SmackDown isn’t as down in the dumps as RAW. This was a great start and points to an exciting angle between Rousey, Flair and Lynch. The women’s revolution is alive and well.

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Asuka Overcomes The Glow

Vince McMahon booked Asuka’s first title defense and it was against former champ Naomi.

This match took place with Charlotte and Lynch sitting and watching. At first it felt annoying as it looked like Asuka was playing the third wheel to these two. Thankfully, they didn’t interfere and allowed the match to proceed normally.

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The match was actually quite good and enjoyable. Naomi wasn’t expected to win here but that did not stop her from pulling out all the stops. Asuka put up her first title defense in style.

We were a bit skeptical about how this angle was going to work on SmackDown with the immensely popular Lynch dropping the title to Asuka. So far it has been great. Asuka is hanging in there with aplomb and could be more than just an enabler.

This brings the exciting prospect of having a worthwhile title feud hand in hand with Rousey, Flair and Lynch tearing the house down.

Winner and still SmackDown Women’s Champion: Asuka

Rating: Thumbs Up