WWE SmackDown Live Results, Review, Highlights: Jan 29, 2019


Becky Lynch Will Not Relinquish Credit

The Man obviously opened the show and it is wonderful to see her get the ovation she got. Obviously WWE needed something for Lynch to do on SmackDown and therefore they had Charlotte come out.

Both women had a little back and forth and the way Lynch dropped Charlotte was fun to watch. Lynch would get attacked from the back and as a whole it was a pretty standard segment.

Here is the issue with it all. This is clearly a way for WWE to somehow weasel Charlotte into the Lynch-Rousey match which we feel wouldn’t be a great idea. Charlotte would be better off fighting with Asuka.

Adding Charlotte to the match-up will help no one. It will only present a more difficult scenario where the ambiguous nature of the heel-face personas of both these women from SmackDown will come to the fore and the wrong person will be cheered and the wrong person will be booed.

It will also mean that Asuka will be stuck in some second rate feud that will only diminish the value of the women’s title. We hope that WWE does not go down that route. As far as this segment was concerned, it was fun.

Rating: 4.2/5

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United States Championship Match [WWE accepts the fact that the US title is a joke]

Nakamura vs. R Truth | Rusev vs. R Truth

Except for the brief period where John Cena held the US title, it has been the most worthless of titles only being defended on pre-shows and rarely even making it onto live television. We were peeved that Rusev lost the title so soon after winning it but what irked us more was the fact that it was receiving no serious amount of push.

WWE had to get radical and radical they got tonight as R-Truth won the title and then defended it too against Nakamura and Rusev respectively. Of course there are multiple glaring issues with this approach.

Nakamura is again rendered toothless as a heel. Rusev continues to be a joke and it seemed like he had turned heel which would be stupid. The only positive is that R-Truth is the new champion and the one thing he can do that the others can’t is make it entertaining and we are pretty okay with that.

Winner and new US Champion: R-Truth

Rating: 4/5

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Some Decent Backstage and In-Ring Segments

We got to that part of the show where we got one backstage segment after the other and while there was nothing monumental, it wasn’t boring either.

Rey Mysterio got attacked by Andrade keeping that feud moving forward.

Rusev and Nakamura entered into an uneasy alliance further signalling that Rusev might be turning heel after all which is silly but better than nothing. They accepted a challenge from The Good Brothers.

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The highlight was the in-ring celebration thrown by the co-besties. Again, this was nothing earth shattering and just an ordinary celebration with a few heart-warming moments and all we can say is The Miz and Shane McMahon deserve it. Their contenders would be decided by a four corner tag match which should be fun provided the Bar or the Usos do not win.

There was a segment by Mandy Rose explaining her animosity with Naomi which was pretty okay as well. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville declared that they are entering the Women’s Tag Team tournament.

Rating: 3.8/5

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The Usos vs. The New Day vs. Heavy Machinery vs. The Bar [And we are back to square one]

Remember our biggest reason for happiness when the Co-besties won? It was because we were getting something different in the tag division. After months of the same old routine between the New Day, Bar and the Usos, the tag division was in desperate need of some change and how did WWE fix that? By throwing the Usos right back in the mix.

Let us be clear. We have nothing against the Usos. It is just that they have been doing the same thing over the last two years and they have become stale despite being one of the best tag teams around.

The four-corner elimination match was a nice way to determine the challengers but it could have been the perfect launching pad for a new team like the Heavy Machinery.

The match was pretty good but boy does the consequence suck. We could keep ranting but our only hope is that the Co-Besties prevail and get a different opponent for WrestleMania. Some team that is fresh and hungry for success.

Winner and new #1 contenders for the Smackdown Tag Titles: The Usos

Rating: 3.5/5

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Daniel Bryan Is A Genius

If you look at the best heels of all time then you will know that they all did something outrageous but somehow they were cocky enough to pull it off. Examples include Piper and his skirt or The Rock and his eyebrows or CM Punk and his straight edge lifestyle.

Daniel Bryan has been making great strides as a heel and he took it to a whole new level this time. He debuted the new Eco-friendly WWE Championship made out hemp and wood and we must admit, it looks quite good.

AJ Styles, Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, Mustafa Ali and Samoa Joe stormed in to the ring and each of them wanted a shot at the new title but Bryan wouldn’t give it to them.

Triple H appeared on the Titantron to announce they would all compete inside the Elimination Chamber for the WWE Championship on February 17. For now, let us bask in the glorious shadow of villainy that Daniel Bryan is casting so masterfully.

Rating: 4.6/5

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Overall Review: This wasn’t the best edition of SmackDown ever but it wasn’t the worst either and was one of those shows we might forget in the long run. It did have its moments though.

SmackDown just went from so-so to freaking entertaining by making a couple of changes in the title scene. R-Truth as the US champion could be great while the “green” WWE championship could be a genius move and kudos to whoever came up with the idea. It was a moment where all you wanted to do was hold back all the laughter that was trying to gush out at the same time.

We are lucky to have Daniel Bryan wrestling in front of us. A very solid show and a welcome relief after the shit-storm that was RAW last night.

Moment of the Night: The reveal of the new WWE championship belt

Overall Rating: 4/5