WWE SmackDown Live Results & Review: July 10, 2018

WWE SmackDown Live Results & Review July 10, 2018

Smackdown has a lot of storylines that are stuck in limbo. Let us find out if this week’s edition managed to take things forward.

Miz TV Turns Into Total Chaos

The show starts with the Miz plugging the upcoming premiere of Miz and Mrs Miz. He then goes on to say that unfortunately people have also been talking a lot about the reunion of Team Hell No for reasons that he does not understand. He welcomes Bryan and Kane to the show. He begins berating Bryan by telling him that he knows Bryan is upset as he lost at the hands of the Miz a few weeks back. Team Hell No get into an absurd but funny argument about Nsync.

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Miz tries to embarrass them with a video of the two hugging that prompts Bryan to call out his wrestling skill. Things get heated and Kane grabs Miz by his throat. The Bludgeon brother arrive and while they are walking towards the ring, SaNiTy attacks Team hell no from the back. New Day come out and try to make the save but the heels beat down the faces.

Verdict: WWE is going back to its old tactics of cramming in as many wrestlers as they can in each segment. Usually this doesn’t work. Having said that, this was an entertaining segment.