WWE SmackDown Live Results & Review: July 17, 2018

WWE Smackdown Live Results Review July 17 2018

RAW last night was a disappointment. Can SmackDown make amends as it airs from Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza Wilkes-Barre, PA?

Is Jeff Hardy Broken Now?

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This week’s SmackDown opens with Jeff Hardy’s backstage segment. He is all pensive and tells us that even though he looks and sounds like Jeff Hardy, he isn’t. His heart is broken as Shinsuke Nakamura proved last week that Nakamura is a good for nothing jackass. He can only beat Hardy with the low blow and hence he has three main objectives today. Making Nakamura feel a lot of pain, causing Nakamura to fade away and become Obsolete and to win the United States Championship back.

Elsewhere Nakamura calls Hardy a crybaby He says the US title is his and that is a reason to smile. He is also going to give everyone a reason to smile by making a clown cry today referring to Hardy. He concludes with a “God bless America”.

Review: Great segment. Nakamura finally feels like he is connecting and could feel like a legit champion. We wish he would stop using the low blow every single time.


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Andrade “Cien” Almas Tries to Make a Statement Against AJ Styles

Almas goes for Styles with an arm drag which Styles avoids by going behind and Almas goes for another arm drag. Almas then connects with an elbow. He puts Styles in a side headlock. Styles escapes but gets a kick in his gut. Almas then goes for the side headlock which Styles avoids and himself goes for the dropkick but Almas counters it with a tranquillo in the ropes and Styles takes a hard fall to the floor. Styles recovers and connects with a basement elbow. Almas, however surprises Styles with a dropkick.

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The two then go on a series of big moves and counters until Styles counter the Meteora with the Ushigoroshi. Styles then goes for the phenomenal forearm but Almas counters it with a spinning back elbow. Almas goes for the moonsault but Styles rolls out of harms way.  Almas lands on his feet and then hits a standing moonsault. Styles kick out of the pin attempt. A lot of fast-paced action follows until Almas goes for the HammerLock DDT which Styles reverses into the Calf Crusher and Almas taps out. After the match there is a stare down.

Winner: AJ Styles

Review: Great way to introduce Almas to some real completion. The two can obviously put a wonderful match and a feud between the two will be something new.