WWE SmackDown Live Results & Review: July 31, 2018

RAW posted its best numbers in 6 weeks. Can Smackdown keep the trend going? Let us find out:

Charlotte Flair Returns

Lynch starts this week’s Smackdown in what was a heartfelt and genuine promo. Carmella then came out to mock praise Lynch. The opening segment went downhill from there as Carmella is as pathetic on the microphone as she is in the ring. It all seemed to be a dull segment getting worse by the minute until Ellsworth’s music hit but no one came out. The eventual attack on Lynch by Carmella was a great way to set up the return of Charlotte Flair who saved Lynch from a beating at the hands of the women’s champion.

Parts of this segments were below par but it was great overall and also marked the return of one of the best women wrestlers on the roster and as such this segment gets our approval. Flair main eventing this week’s Smackdown for a shot at being added to the title match is another great thing.


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The Bar Gets Back in the Game

The bar picks up a win over the Usos.

The tag division on Smackdown is simply awesome and this match proved that. The Bar and the Usos put on a great show with great camaraderie on show. The New Day being ringside at their own pancake announce table was simply genius. The match was hard hitting and played to the strengths of both teams. Letting the Bar pick up the win here was a great thing as well. The post-match confrontation between the Bar and the New Day was equally exciting.