WWE Smackdown Live Results & Review: June 12, 2018


Smackdown this week should be good. Following are some of the match ups that has already been set for the blue brand.

Daniel Bryan vs. Shelton Benjamin

Shelton had a twitter exchange with Bryan and called him out for calling himself the hardest working superstar. Smackdown GM has made the match official. It is a great match-up between two of the best wrestlers on the roster now.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Jeff Hardy

This is another match which a couple of years ago we would not have ever expected to see in a WWE ring but it is happening. Should serve as a nice preview before their respective matches at Money in the Bank.

Women’s summit hosted by Paige:

This should include all of the 4 women on the Smackdown roster who will be taking part in the MITB match on Sunday. This one should cause a lot of tensions and probably a few punches and kicks would be thrown around.

Men’s MITB preview:

A similar segment involving the men is also on the cards. We will also get to know which member of New Day will be taking part in MITB.

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WWE Smackdown Live Results & Review

The go home Smackdown Live before Money in the Bank on Sunday was a packed show with some nice action and some solid previews for Sunday with a terrible ending. Here is a closer look at everything that happened this week.


The Women’s Summit Transitions Into A Women’s Brawl 

(Charlotte Flair, Lana, Naomi, Becky Lynch)

As was advertised earlier, the show started with the women’s summit where GM Paige emulated Kurt angle from Raw and decided to give the women on the blue brand a pep talk to impress on them how important it was that the briefcase came to Smackdown. This of course leads to arguments among the 4 women. Before long Billy Kay, Peyton Royce, Mandy Rose and Sonia Deville join them and begin mocking them leading to a brawl that is broken up by the referees.

Verdict: Explosive opening segment. Nice way to start Smackdown.



Daniel Bryan Shuts Up Shelton Benjamin

Shelton Benjamin had been talking a lot of trash on social media against Bryan and Bryan finally got to give a fitting reply the best way he knows how to. The match was full of great athletic spots and technical wrestling. This match also showed how underutilized Shelton is at this point. He desperately needs a good wrestling feud to sink his teeth into. The match ended when Bryan made Benjamin tap out

Verdict: Good match. Could have been given a bit more time but still satisfactory.



Asuka and Miz Try To Charm Paige While Styles Speaks to Lawler

Asuka tries to get Paige to give her a match with Carmella so she can get her hands on the champ. Paige says she can’t do that but will put her in a tag match against Carmella. Miz however gets his wish to be the special referee in the Rusev-Joe match later. Then Lawler interviews AJ Styles and hypes his match against Nakamura at the PPV.

Verdict: Nice segment. Nothing to complain.


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Two Beasts Beat The C**p Out Of Each Other: 

(Samoa Joe vs. Rusev)

They are the two men who could carry Smackdown to new heights but are at the moment not receiving the push they deserve. A very good match with some heavy hitting and shenanigans from the Miz as the special referee and Aiden English. Rusev eventually hits his finisher for the win. After the match a mini brawl break out with The Miz eventually getting the MITB briefcase only to find it filled with pancakes.

Verdict: One of the highlights of the show. Nice mix of action and comedy.



Nakamura Crushes Jeff’s Nuts

WWE is adamantly sticking to Nakamura’s penchant for hitting the nether regions as a way to make him a heel. While this is a proven tactic, it only works when used sparingly. In case of Nakamura, WWE is just overdoing it and it is killing his momentum. He can be so much more than a guy who uses low blows every time he is in a sticky situation. If the same thing happens during the Last Man standing match then this can be counted as another dream feud that WWE destroyed.

Verdict: Decent match but the same old ending robs it of any grace



Smackdown Fizzles To An End

(Ten-Woman Tag Team Match)

The show started with so much promise but the ending seemed as generic as it could have been. There is a backstage segment involving Carmella and then Big Cass both of which were forgettable. The women’s tag match did help a bit. It was generic but there were some nice spots that somewhat redeemed the match. Still, so much more could have been done and somehow Smackdown couldn’t end with as much impact as RAW did the other night.

Verdict: Smackdown deserved a better ending



Overall verdict: Decent show but fizzled towards the end and killed off any momentum it had.

Overall Rating: