WWE Smackdown Live Results & Review: June 26, 2018


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Tonight’s Smackdown Live was a fun edition. Let’s see what happened


Opening segment: Miz TV has some unconventional guests

Miz tries to cozy up to the Bludgeon Brothers by telling them that he too had destroyed Daniel Bryan. They don’t take too kindly to it and slap the microphone out of Miz’s hands. Daniel Bryan comes out and asks Miz to shut up. Bryan blames the Bludgeon Brothers for costing him a title shot. They respond by saying that they will teach Bryan something new tonight.

Verdict: Decent opening segment. Miz is great as the host as always and the guests are scarily funny.



Rusev proves a point against Xavier Woods

We all knew where this was heading. Rusev is in the title picture and he needed to beat someone to be able to justify his position. The match is good. It begins with Rusev displaying his strength by blocking many of Woods’ moves. Woods gets some offense in though eventually with a Slingshot DDT. A couple of near falls. Rusev then misses a spear while Woods misses a Limit Breaker. Rusev then connects with the Machka kick and puts Woods in the Accolade and makes him tap out. He then calls out Styles and boasts how he is going to win the title and make it a great Rusev Day.

Winner: Rusev

Verdict: Good match. Makes you wonder why Rusev wasn’t pushed a lot earlier.


We are informed that Nakamura won’t be in action due to an injury.

The cast of the TV show Glow are backstage and a small argument breaks out.

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Chaos in the United States Championship Open Challenge

This week it is Eric Young from SAnitY who takes up the challenge. Hardy begins with his fast and furious style but is soon overpowered by Young. He puts Hardy in a sleeper hold on the top rope and the referees cause the break. A clothesline from Young follows and Hardy kicks out at two. A delete chant is started by Hardy before the two clothesline each other. The Usos hit the ring and begin brawling with SanitY causing the DQ. A match is set up between the six men in the ring.

Verdict: A high octane match. The crowd was very much into it and the chaotic ending was cool.



Jeff Hardy and the Usos put SAnitY in their places

Jey and Dain start the match. The action soon spills outside. Jey is worked on in the ring for quite some while before being able to tag in Jimmy. Jimmy manages to get in some offense. Multiple superkicks are delivered by both the Usos to Dain. Hardy is finally tagged in and he picks up the win with a Swanton.

Winner: The Usos and Jeff Hardy

Verdict: Our worst fears have been realized. SAnitY gets beaten quite cleanly and comprehensively so soon after their debut. Cannot understand what WWE’s creative has against good tag teams. The match as such is good but we are still rating it down because of how the WWE creative played it.


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Becky Lynch disarms Sonya Deville

Immediately Lynch rolls up Deville. A test of strength takes place next followed by many submission attempts. The action spills outside and Deville is launched over the announce table. Deville hits the spinebuster for a near fall. Deville again goes for a submission hold but Lynch gets fired up and hits a few punches before hitting an exploder suplex and gets a near fall.  Now Deville gets one of her own using the knee driver and another with a step up enziguri. A distraction by Rose follows but Lynch finally manages to put Deville in the DisArmHer and makes Deville tap out.

Winner: Becky Lynch

Verdict: Fun hard-hitting and action-packed match. These girls can wrestle.



Backstage Tye Dillinger calls Ellsworth a one.


James Ellsworth gets an opponent for next week

Ellsworth begins by telling that he is a real man and then goes on a sexist tirade. He then calls out Asuka but its Paige that joins him and books a title match between Asuka and Carmella. Ellsworth goes on a rant that Asuka doesn’t deserve a title match. He says that the real reason Paige is out here is to ask him out on a date. Paige says she agrees and asks him how does next Tuesday sound? Ellsworth seems happy and Paige informs him that he has a match against Asuka next week.

Verdict: Intriguing. Hope Ellsworth gets the beating of his lifetime at the hands of Asuka but all the sexist comments were a bit over the top.


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Bryan reunites with an old friend

It is a one on one match between Bryan and Luke Harper. Bryan begins with his arsenal of kicks. Harper gets back with a clothesline. Bryan tries a dive to the outside but Harper catches him and hits a facebuster on to the announce table followed by a big boot. Harper hits a lot of power packed moves on Bryan. Bryan eventually fights out and hits a few dropkicks. Some back and forth takes place and Bryan eventually gains the upper hand by hitting a tornado DDT. Bryan eventually manages to trap Harper in the Yes lock and Harper is about to tap out but is saved by Rowan causing the DQ.

After the match, The Bludgeon Brothers begin beating up Bryan and Kane’s music hits. He makes the save and Team Hell No send the Bludgeon Brothers packing. Kane offers a hug to Bryan a couple of times which he refuses but the crowd goes wild with its Yes chants and the two hug it out. A match is then set up for the Smackdown tag team championship at Extreme Rules between these two teams.

Verdict: Normally we are not that excited about Kane returning because it happens so often and ends abruptly. This one though worked as it has a lot of emotions and history attached to it and we loved the nostalgia trip.



Overall Verdict: It was a fun and entertaining episode. Big players like Nakamura and AJ Styles were not present but it still was quite action packed. Team Hell No was a nice way to end.

Overall Rating:

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