WWE Smackdown Live Results & Review: March 20th 2018


We could not say anything else for the past 8 hours. Tuesday afternoon came with the best news in ages as Daniel Bryan was finally cleared to compete! So, SOOOOOOO EXCITED! Our excitement was going through the roof when Daniel Bryan came out and talked about just that! Daniel, please come fight at New Orleans. We miss you too much.

This is really happening…Daniel Bryan has publicly announced that he has been cleared for an in-ring return…

Oh it’s true, it’s damn true.


I Could Do It On My Own, Thanks.

This segment had “proving yourself” written all over. Now this is the type of build we like to see! The pace of this epic feud seemed to have finally picked up after weeks of snore-inducing story-telling. Rusev Day had some TV time, and The Bulgarian Brute put up another fun little match against Shinsuke. Nakamura and Styles did not have to get physical with each other to show the intensity of their feud. Not even a grin. Good stuff, good stuff.


Not Sure What to Put Here…

So Corbin vs Dillinger happened. Tye lost, again. No significance whatsoever. Bad utilization of talent, and a waste of TV time for actual storylines. Next.

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Another Screw-up

Carmella once again messed up her cash-in attempt during Natalya vs Charlotte, which, to be fair, was a pretty decent match. The match gave Natalya the win she needed to brag about, protected Charlotte Flair, and more importantly, reminding everyone that Carmella was Miss Money in the Bank and she absolutely sucked at timing her cash-in attempts. Hey princess, learn from Edge. Or CM Punk. Or Seth Rollins. Or literally anyone not named John Cena, Damien Sandow, or Baron Corbin.


Ain’t No One’s Gonna Steal Our ‘Mania Spot

The New Day was not involved in tonight’s chapter of the tag team championship feud, as Jimmy Uso went one-on-one with Luke Harper after a passionate promo from the Samoan boys about how they would do anything to protect their spot on the main card of WrestleMania. And as you might have predicted, things did not turn out so well for Roman Reigns’ nephew. Luckily, there were no post-match beatdowns. Short and sweet match that furthered established The Bludgeon Brothers as a force to be reckoned with in the tag team feud. Cool. #NotBadNotExceptional.