WWE Smackdown Live Results & Review: March 27th 2018


It was a pleasant little surprise to see Rusev being Jinder’s tag team partner, and even more so when Rusev got the winning pin over Randy Orton. Yes, this was a tainted pin, resulting from Orton and Roode’s arguments, we know. But it was nice to see the Bulgarian Brute get a relatively big tag team victory, AND a shot at the United States Championship in 2 weeks! A good way to restart Jinder and Rusev’s partnership, if they choose to do so. To make things better, the win happened right on… RUSEV DAYYYYYYYYY.

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Riott Squad Doused in Irish Flames

Yet another pretty decent but pointless women’s division match. Becky Lynch defeated Ruby Riott tonight, then proceeded to neutralize the remaining two members of the Riott Squad. A strong showing to build Becky Lynch (…for the Battle Royal?) at the hands of an already struggling stable. What a waste of talent and airtime.


It is Official

Daniel Bryan had officially announced Daniel/Shane vs Kevin/Sami for WrestleMania. The GOAT is back, and we could not be happier. His promo advanced his character by ditching the pacifist General Manager attitude (and his blazer) and returning to the fiery Daniel Bryan that would kick Zayn and Owens’ *sses come WrestleMania! The storyline has been good so far, and the match quality at ‘Mania is almost guaranteed to be exceptional. Yay!