WWE Smackdown Live Results & Review: March 27th 2018


WWE SmackDown: Braun Strowman Teases Heel Turn in First Appearance Since Extreme Rules

Braun Strowman lost the Wyatt Swamp Fight back at Extreme Rules and hasn't been seen on WWE TV since. After Bray Wyatt...

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The Chaos Continued

Bludgeon Brothers vs New Day ended in a DQ when The Usos appeared and caused calamity all over. We felt this segment was okay – in line with what had happened the past weeks, but nothing A+. And damn, Kofi was lucky to escape Harper’s mallet.


Flashy Show-off

Tyler Breeze and Dolph Ziggler have more similarities than we thought – good looks, flamboyant persona, and suffering a few rungs below where they really should belong on the pecking order. A quick victory for Dolph Ziggler was not surprising, and it built him up as a strong contender for the Andre the Giant Battle Royal, if winning it still means anything at all nowadays.

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Styles Shook

Nakamura has finally shown some of his shining rock star attitude from his NJPW days. After handily defeating Shelton Benjamin, he seemed to jokingly call AJ to the ring, only to make his agenda clear: He would beat Styles at WrestleMania. And then when Styles fell victim to a 2-on-1 assault, Shinsuke came to the rescue and did the ultimate fake out, which scared Styles out of his wits. Although the build towards Nakamura vs Styles had been decent until this week, it was nowhere near as epic-looking as Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar on RAW. But finally, there is some hope that the pair will really kick it up a notch or two in the go-home show next week. There is some hope. Hope. Hope. We really need to keep that word in mind when watching WWE product these days… *sighs*



Overall Review:

It was an acceptable offering from the blue brand tonight, with a foreseen WrestleMania match being officially announced, another being added a fan-favorite wrestler, and the main championship feud finally got injected with some color, although one can argue it might have been a little too late. The main drawback of the show was the show itself. After tonight, we are only one Smackdown away from WrestleMania, yet the entire two hours of Smackdown seemed underwhelming. There were some highlights for sure, but by this time, we expect more. Let us hope the go-home show will not actually make us go home and not watch WrestleMania.

But even if you will not watch WrestleMania, you can be sure that we will. When the day comes, make sure to check our site for our reviews of the events!


WWE SmackDown: Braun Strowman Teases Heel Turn in First Appearance Since Extreme Rules

Braun Strowman lost the Wyatt Swamp Fight back at Extreme Rules and hasn't been seen on WWE TV since. After Bray Wyatt...

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