WWE Smackdown Live Results & Review: May 15th, 2018



The New Day and The Bar collide in the Men’s Money In The Bank Qualifying Match. One superstar from the winning team will go on to the MITB ladder match on June 17th. The question is which team will be victorious. Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas will make his debut tonight in London, England at the O2 Arena. What kind of first impressions will the former NXT champion and Zelina Vega make? Carmella promises to throw a celebration that will rival the Royal Wedding. What is next for AJ Style and Shinsuke Nakamura? Read our detailed WWE Smackdown Live Results & Review below.

Date: May 15th 2018

Location: The O2 Arena, London, England


Small and Biggie, Sheer Intensity

Just as we thought the Daniel Bryan vs Big Cass feud is over, it did not. It resumed tonight in London, but at least WWE was steering the rivalry away from the big guy – little guy dynamic. Just barely veering away. And it was great to see Daniel Bryan so dominant over Big Cass, ripping Big’s knee right off his socket. Well of course not literally, but you know where we were getting at. Adding that to the London crowd that was HOT for The American Dragon, and you have an opening segment that was a bit more than borderline acceptable.

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A Glimpse 

(Men’s MITB Qualifying Match: The New Day (Big E & Xavier Woods) def. The Bar)

It was what was expected from such a match-up: High-octane action, with tandem moves and reversals timed to perfection. The New Day vs The Bar could be The New Day vs The Usos of 2018, and we firmly believe that tonight’s offering was but a sneak peak of what is to come.

However, there was one thing we will go against in this match, and it had absolutely nothing to do with any of the wrestlers involved, but also all of them at the same time. And no, it was not quantum physics. Granted, the idea of putting two feuding tag teams against each other for a spot at the Money In The Bank match was a creative idea to onward a rivalry. But, we think that there are other single wrestlers who need that exposure more than the members of the two hottest tag teams in Smackdown Live right now (Bludgeon Brothers who?). Aiden English (sorry Rusev Day fans) and Sin Cara, for example.

Then again, it would be a tonne of fun to see pancakes flying around during the MITB match.

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Andrade “Cien” Almas def. Jake Constantino (Almas’ Smackdown Live debut)

Ah yes, a short little squash match to introduce the greatness that is Andrade “Cien” Almas to the bigger WWE Universe. Nothing surprising really, but we just want to point out the possibility that Almas might be in the MITB match this June, and the mere thought of it makes us way more exciting than you could guess. 100/100.