WWE Smackdown Live Results & Review: May 29, 2018



Daniel Bryan faces Samoa Joe to find out who will be the final entrant in the Men’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match. Smackdown General Manager Paige has announced a match up between Shinsuke Nakamura and Tye Dilinger after they both went at it on social media. Read the detailed WWE Smackdown results and review below.

Date: May 29, 2018

Location: PNC Arena, Raleigh, NC


The Staircase To Heaven

At this point, there are few words that can describe how great Samoa Joe’s promos are. This week, he dipped into the Bible for inspiration, and it was one of those promos that made us utter “Oh my God” *ba-dum-tss*. It was fierce, it was tearing, and if we were Daniel Bryan, we would probably have asked Paige to turn the pre-scheduled match into a triple threat ourselves. No need for Big Cass to work us the past couple of weeks. This was a smart move from WWE – advertising a dream match in Joe vs Bryan, but ending up giving us a huge (logical) twist, adding Big Cass into the mix, and saving the epic singles clash till a later, more suitable time.


Good ConTENtion

(Shinsuke Nakamura def. Tye Dillinger)

Tye put up a surprisingly good fight against Nakamura tonight, and it was one of the more entertaining matches of Smackdown Live in May. The character work Tye did in this match was great, with the spirit of the plucky underdog shining right through. However, the expected result happened, as Nakamura continued to build himself up for the Money in the Bank clash against AJ in June. As for Tye, well, we do not know when he will have another televised match. So sad, especially for someone with such an infectious likeability.

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(Lana vs Naomi “fought” to a no-contest? DQ? Meh.)

When we first heard the dance-off being announce, we expected something either straight out of Vinnie Mac’s “Cringeland”, or Hugh Hefner’s magazine. But fortunately, we got an actual dance battle. Like, a legitimate one. The two former dancers got a chance to showcase what they could do besides throwing other women around, and it turned out awesome. The spiraling down to violence was expected, but it was well-executed, so we will give it a pass this time. Also, The Usos vs Rusev and Aiden English is almost confirmed.



(The New Day def. The Bar and The Miz, in a match with too many The’s)

 Okay, maybe not really a five-star contest, but it was quality stuff. Unless Joe vs Bryan vs Cass actually put on a five-star effort, hardly anything will top this match in terms of in-ring quality tonight. The New Day and The Bar seem to have found their chemistry as they flawlessly executed tandem moves, reversals, and high spots. Add in the opportunistic Miz for a sneaky DDT here and there, and we have a blast. The fans knew when an awesome match was happening, and they reacted accordingly, staying hot throughout the entire second half. Vince might be rumored to not give a hoot to the tag team division anymore, but with performances like this, he surely will have to rethink his supposed decision.


When Two Goddesses Collide

(Asuka def. Mandy Rose)

Asuka defeated Mandy Rose, but the latter got a lot of offense on the Empress of Tomorrow. What do you know. As soon as the undefeated streak is over, Asuka becomes much more vulnerable. Hey, at least Mandy, dissatisfied with the apparent lack of opportunities for former members of Absolution, is being part of a meaningful storyline. Our prediction for next week: Asuka vs Sonya Deville.

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When Choking Does Not Mean Losing

(Men’s Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Samoa Joe def. Daniel Bryan and Big Cass)

Daniel Bryan vs Samoa Joe? Perfect. Daniel Bryan vs Samoa Joe vs Big Cass? Not as perfect, but still way beyond acceptable. Enzo Amore’s former tag team partner added an interesting dynamic to the main event. His borderline basic, CAW moves aside, tonight he was that guy who disrupted the smooth sequences playing out between the other two wrestlers. No complaints on that, since it made the audience hate him more, which was in line with his current alignment. But as far as in-ring quality is concerned, Joe and Bryan absolutely carried the match, from pacing to the ending stretch. Even better, Joe kept his words, and managed to accomplish what he had set out to do: Choking out Daniel Bryan.

People, we think it is time Chris Webber be dethroned, and a new Choke King be crowned.


Other things that happened on Smackdown Live

The Miz chopping pancakes Fruit Ninja-style is, far and away, our favorite moment of the week. Or the month. Or all-time.

The pancakes shenanigans are getting more and more ridiculous, but we love it.

THAT THE BAR – THE MIZ TEAM POSE THOUGH! Find a better trio, we will wait.

Which New Day member will be in the Money in the Bank match? Answer nowhere to be found.

Carmella looks HOT in that overalls. Screw Mandy.

Tea time, Charlotte and Becky? Tea time? Ooooohhh, the cringe. PCB reunion = fail.

Sin Cara with the new Tony Nese-style attire, sans abs.


Overall Review

Another fantastically fun show from WWE. The main drawing point of tonight (Joe vs Bryan) did not happen per se, but its modified form also delivered. However, the “Match of the Night” award has to go to The New Day vs The Bar & The Miz, as they put on an absolute clinic, keeping the crowd on their edge from start to finish. Elsewhere on the card, Nakamura and Dillinger had a fun little contest, Asuka vs Rose was meh, and a dance-off between Lana and Naomi ended much better than we expected. All in all, a great product tonight.

It was fun while it lasted. Until next time, fellas. Until next time…