WWE Smackdown Live Results & Review: May 8th 2018



After a double count out at Backlash, what direction will the Styles vs Nakamura rivalry take? Who will qualify for the Money In The Bank Match from Smackdown Live. Read our detailed WWE Smackdown Live results and review below.

Date: May 8th, 2018

Location: Royal Farms Arena, Baltimore, MD



(Men’s Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: The Miz def. Jeff Hardy)

                The Miz defeating Jeff Hardy for a chance at the career-changing briefcase was little surprising, since Jeff already has the United States Championship on his shoulders, and it is unlikely that WWE is going to pull a Seth Rollins on Jeff at this stage of The Enigma’s career. What was surprising, however, was that Miz pulled off the victory clean as a whistle. Opportunistic as it may have looked, the pin came without any shenanigans from The Awesome One.

With Miz winning in this manner, it becomes more certain that a Miz face turn is imminent. Can’t wait to see Naruto-kun stepping over to the light side.

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The Queen Overcomes the Odds

(Women’s Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Charlotte Flair def. Peyton Royce)

What happens when you put two beautiful and talented women wrestlers in a ring and give them more than 2 minutes? That’s right, wet pants… we mean, a decently good wrestling match with a little storyline playing out. The promo before the match downright sucked to us, but fortunately, worries about a failed IIconics segment were put to sleep as Peyton Royce proceeded to have a good match with Charlotte.

Sure, Charlotte had some pixie dust up her sleeves, but wrestling is a two-way dance, and we will acknowledge Peyton when she did something we find enjoyable. Great stuff.

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Cesaro Exacted Vengeance

(Cesaro def. Xavier Woods)

We cannot believe it. The pancakes are actually getting over. Heh, we guess the incessant jokes and pranks finally paid dividends for The New Day. The pancakes were even incorporated into the match between Cesaro and Woods tonight, as Big E throwing pancakes at the crowd pissed Cesaro so much that he almost headed outside mid-match to stop it.

Regarding in-ring quality, you know it is hard to go wrong with a singles match involving Cesaro and Xavier. Short match, but fun while it lasted. And Sheamus was happy to see Cesaro getting one back at Woods. Lucky Charms no more for the Celt.