WWE SmackDown Live Results & Review: November 13, 2018

wwe smackdown live results november 13 2018

An exciting start to SmackDown Live

Paul Heyman was present ringside to take in what AJ Styles had to say but that was only symbolic in nature as he did not say anything. This was all a precursor to an awesome segment.

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We had our doubts when WWE put together the Bryan and Styles match as both were faces but today they showed how they could make it work. Bryan did not like the fact that Styles kept using Bryan’s name to talk up his match with Lesnar and the two went to blows.

This seemed like WWE were toying with the idea of turning Bryan into a heel. He did not want to listen to reason. This can be really exciting to see such an over character turn heel. The championship match for later in the show carries quite a lot of heft. Miz was also made the sole captain which works just fine.

Rating: Thumbs Up


Jeff Hardy takes down Almas and Shinsuke is unhappy

Jeff Hardy def. Andrade “Cien” Almas: This was one of those time-filler and inconsequential matches but it was as good as it was going to get. Hardy still has plenty to offer to the WWE and Almas is one of the most exciting new talents on Smackdown. Both would do so much better in a great feud.

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The match was quick-paced and showcased the strengths of each men before Hardy was able to overcome Almas and finished him off for a well-deserved victory. While we did enjoy this match, we hope that there was more in it for both men involved.

Shinsuke Nakamura showed up really upset at Seth Rollins not taking their match seriously and vowed to change his opinion. This could end up being on the kick-off show so we are not going to be too excited about this.

Rating: Thumbs Up


Mysterio retains his spot on the SmackDown team

Rey Mysterio def. The Miz: The Miz had orchestrated this match as Mysterio was Bryan’s pick. The match was surprisingly good as the Miz proved he had great chemistry with yet another wrestler. This could be awesome down the line.

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This also sows seeds for some dissension for Sunday. Mysterio picked up the win after putting up another acrobatic show and this time was even able to avoid Randy Orton’s “surprise” attack that now happens every week.

Orton had to RKO someone and the Miz walked right into it. This seems like the perfect role for Randy Orton. Show up randomly and RKO people left and right.

Rating: Thumbs Up