WWE SmackDown Live Results & Review: November 20, 2018


Charlotte Flair Is Out Of Control

This was an unexpected turn of events. We knew Charlotte would try to offer an explanation but even then it came as quite a surprise. She was proud of what she did. Paige came out and fined her $100k but that was it. No firing or being sent to the back of the line.

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Becky Lynch did not make an appearance which means that she is still too injured to even be in the ring which is a shame. For the first time since her face turn Charlotte was cheered on vehemently by the fans. Things only got better as Billie Kay and Peyton Royce turned up to run their mouths.

Charlotte took on Kay first and beat her. It was great to see her almost win a second time against Royce only for the two heels to team up and cause a DQ. As it stood, they were not good enough for Charlotte and she gave them the ass-whooping of a lifetime post-match. These are uncertain times on SmackDown but with angles like this, we are thoroughly enjoying every second of it.

Winner: Charlotte

Rating: Thumbs Up

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The Miz Gets Humiliated

There was another awesome segment of Miz TV. The Miz was more amiable than usual which is another pointer towards his imminent face turn. His guest was Shane McMahon who took on a very silent but observing role.

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The Miz tried to convince Shane to be his tag team partner and they would call themselves the Best Team in the World as they were the only two men who were left standing at the end of the world cup. Shane tried to weasel out by saying that he is the Commissioner and so can’t be in a tag team which is odd considering he had no problems inserting himself into a very significant match in the not so distant past.

WWE’s skewed logic aside, this was fun and things only got better as Miz had already asked Paige to put them in a match against a couple of local jobbers known as the Bryant Brothers. The Miz got the first few shots in very easily as expected but was rolled up into a small package for a humiliating loss.

This was awesome. No one expected the Miz to lose to two unknown wrestlers. This is great TV and can mean great things for both the Miz and wrestling in general.

Winners: The Bryant Brothers

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Thanksgiving Would Not Be Complete Without A Fight

One of the sore points from Survivor Series was that the score was actually 6-1 and not 6-0 as WWE has been parading around so far. Thankfully, that was acknowledged here as the New Day used it to insult the Bar. Xavier Woods’ apparel also mentioned the 6-1 scoreline.

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What followed was a classic festival themed match and for once the Big Show ended up on the losing side. This does further undermine the Tag Champions but their days seem numbered and it is high time some other team received a shot at being the best tag team on the blue brand.

The post-match celebration were hilarious with the food fight and everyone slipping and sliding in all the spilled food.

Winners: The New Day

Rating: Thumbs Up