WWE SmackDown Live Results & Review: October 2, 2018

WWE SmackDown Live Results October 2 2018
Image via WWE.com

SmackDown’s attempt at building up things for the Super Show-Down

An illogical start to the show

We understand that AJ Styles loves wrestling but it makes little sense to drop all legal charges against a man who just invaded your home. Him staying back at home to protect his family made a bit more sense.

Somehow this felt like the wrong way to build up the WWE title match. Something should have been done in the ring.

SmackDown had been great at doing opening segments but they seem to have lost the plot with this one. In a quest to be different they ended up with something underwhelming.

Rating: Thumbs Down

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Fabulous Truth picks up a win

R-Truth & Carmella def. Andrade “Cien” Almas & Zelina Vega: Until just a few weeks ago we would be really peeved every time we saw Carmella in a wrestling capacity but that has definitely changed now. The team up of R-Truth and Carmella is actually very entertaining and it is nice to see the veteran Truth get another run as a proper wrestler.

The only downside to this was that Andrade and Vega had to be the fodder. It isn’t necessarily bad as they finally seem to have a feud in their hands instead of bouncing from one program to another.

Hopefully, this leads to some entertaining matches and segments. This is a great way to start everything in this feud.

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Mr.Bootyworth learns a different style of cooking

Just when you thought the New Day couldn’t get any sillier, they do something even more ridiculous and we got ridiculous in spades this week.

The introduction of Mr.Bootyworth was hilarious. All of it would have fallen flat had it not been for the Bar who were there to add some seriousness. We understand that this is not wrestling but this is pro-wrestling.

We had been complaining that this feud has been done to the death but as long as innovative segments like this keep happening, we are all for it. They should have a cooking show for the New Day on the WWE Network.

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Randy Orton plays with Tye Dillinger’s finger

You might be going “What the ****” after reading that title and that is exactly how we felt after this match or segment or whatever it was.

Orton continued to play his demented self where he is intent on destroying other wrestlers. The screwdriver segment with Jeff Hardy was cringe-worthy but this one just looked silly.

As Orton put Dillinger’s fingers through the metal clamps we did begin to flinch but then he proceeded to twist the finger almost way too gently leading to some awkwardness. Dillinger tried his best to scream and show pain but it all came across as the fakest thing you have ever seen.

Rating: Thumbs Down