WWE SmackDown Live Results & Review: October 30, 2018

samoa joe wwe smackdown live results october 30 2018
Image via WWE.com

With just days left for WWE Crown Jewel, WWE is in a mess with superstars pulling out of the show and the championship matches losing charm. Let’s see if WWE made things better on SmackDown Live.

AJ Styles and Bryan put on a great show while Samoa Joe replaces Bryan at Crown Jewel

AJ Styles def. Daniel Bryan: RAW last night handled the exclusion of John Cena from Crown Jewel in the most underwhelming manner but SmackDown did it comparatively better possibly because Bryan was available to wrestle tonight. However, in the grand scheme of things, no logical explanation was given as to why he was suddenly off.

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Before we get into that, we do have to give kudos to Bryan and Styles for putting on a great match and it is a shame that the two will not be wrestling this Friday. It wasn’t a classic but better than most matches that have opened SmackDown recently.

There were some insane spots where it seemed like Bryan was dropped on his head which would make any wrestling fan wince considering the concussions he has had over the years. Styles then began working on Bryan’s knee and put Bryan in the calf-crusher for the win.

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Samoa Joe then came out and attacked both men and later it was made official by Paige that it is now AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe for the WWE title at Crown Jewel. What bugs us is that this still did not answer why Bryan wasn’t going to be in the title match.

This is a world title match and any changes has to be explained in a logical manner. Instead, Bryan is just off. Was the beatdown from Joe so bad that he can’t wrestle? WWE, we need answers officially even though it’s rumored that Bryan refuses to work Crown Jewel and hence replaced.

Rating: Thumbs Down

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Charlotte refuses to be the Captain while Big E picks up a Halloween win

So far, Charlotte’s character as a face has been far too one dimensional to be of any note but tonight we might have seen the first signs of her character developing an edge. This could be what finally sets Charlotte on a path to be a more impactful wrestler. She refused to be the SmackDown team’s captain at Survivor series so a lot of intriguing possibilities left open.

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Big E def. Cesaro: The Trick or Street fight was loads of fun and it is these matches that makes shows like SmackDown a fun affair. The New Day were dressed as the Brood which was just awesome. The match was equally entertaining.

There were pies and jack-o’-lanterns and a lot of Halloween themed stuff that the wrestlers used as weapons. Big Show being treated as a bigger deal than the tag champions does bug us but for tonight this match made us laugh and gave the escape that only wrestling can do and for that it gets a pass. Big E won to send us all happy

Rating: Thumbs Up